Project 365 | Week 24

Day 162:

This is his good morning side giggle.

First thing in the morning we cuddle, then we check email and look cute with our side ponytail and folded paws.

Then we have staring contests.

Really what’s happening here is being filmed by National Geographic for their “Who’s the Biggest Man?” episode airing after the World Ends in December.

Day 163:

A teaser for Why We Broke Up

This was one of my favorite pages from Why We Broke Up.  What I wanted to write here but what isn’t actually true:  in college my neighbors decided they were going to steal shakers from every restaurant we ever ate at. It turned into this vast collection of 2 am IHOP salt shakers.  Write a story using that premise.  Dress your characters in black.

Day 164: Secret Garden

New York Fashion Week Slug

Who knew slugs looked so stylish in Cheetah Print?

Funk Flowers

Some things just need to be captured.  I wish smell could be captured…well, sometimes.

Lemon Cake

If flowers had a taste – this one would be lemon cake and ginger spice.

Day 165:


Everyone takes these photos – we all live on beautiful exotic islands that are somehow surrounded by land, sand, and automobiles.

Day 166:

My life in a photo.

I’m currently worried about my hold book expiring tomorrow.  Does expire mean at eight am, or two pm, or when the library closes?  I’m nervous I won’t get there in time and I won’t be able to return the popular books I have out before the next person on the list gets anxious.  Should I leave a momento between the pages.  Did I forget to remove that ten dollars I used as a bookmark.  If I slide the books through cover down will they land easier than if the pages face the drop.  (I am a crazy person).

Day 167:

What Dinner Means to my Nephew.

Sometimes I wish he was a girl, but then I realize how many lucky charms he can eat and I smash that dream.

Day 168:

This is Why People Have Children.

This will also keep teen girls from getting pregnant.


I wish I could say he was my mini-me, but he’s definitely my brother’s mini-me; all the way down to the boogers in that second picture from the top left.

Day 169:

Furniture Shopping All Day

Pretty sure my grandma was obsessed with this exact chair and now it sits in my aunt’s hallway.  I was tired after a long day, pooped even, and this regal thang was shining from the thrift store window.

17 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 24

  1. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    I love the book return and the ten dollar bookmark. I believe the expiry would be the end of the library day. By the way, Don’t you think it would be awesome finding a note inside a library book saying something about it? Dated, of course..

    • Cassie says:

      I looked at my hold-notice email and it said end of library day – so that’s good because I’ve been slacking and my library isn’t open on Sundays.

      I think that note would be perfection, we should do it! This week!

  2. Bea says:

    As per usual, Jasper has stolen the limelight once again. That cat is everywhere. Of course, the grandson, your nephew is a cutie-patootie, followed closely behing by your leopard print slug. But, who takes a picture of a slug, let alone a “catwalk” slug?
    Thanks for all the pictures, I enjoyed them.

  3. angela says:

    ha! you know I’m thinking a million comments about you and the book return. As you’ve discovered, it is the end of the library day. Wow, what slackers, we are open 7 days a week just like the bookstore (wink). I HATE the book return. Patrons who know me, know that if they bring the books inside and hand em to me, I will thank them profusely. Craziest thing I’ve found in a book yet…french fries (squashed inside an easy reader…and yes, they screamed Happy Meal).

    • Cassie says:

      I honestly had no idea you could turn them in by hand. My librarians always sit behind computers and peek at you above the screen. I think they’re hoping we don’t have questions. Eeeeeeeeeee! Wish you were my librarian, I would spend all day there!

      • angela says:

        ha! we are NOT your typical library…a very lively, opinionated staff (I hardly ever sit down!) btw…put the YA book on hold and will give it a looksee, thanks ~

      • Cassie says:

        Good, because I love getting your opinions on books you tend to show me another angle and actually hash it out with me haha. Sometimes books need to be wrung out like clothes line undies after rain.

    • Cassie says:

      And ps. My library is closed on Sunday which seems a little sacreligious (I think that is spelled wrong) to me. And French fries!!!! WHO WOULD DARE.


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