Project 365 | Week 23

This week was probably my least inspired week while participating in Project 365.  My mother had to literally carry my family outside and make me take self-timer photos of us in the front yard.  Last night, the deer ate all my mother’s impatiens leaving the sad little stems withering at the edge of our garden plot.  Funny thing is, just yesterday I learned that deer are the only animals around (squirrels and bunnies) that eat flowers right off the stems.  I wonder what a flower tastes like, I only ate mud pies as a child.

Day 155: 

“She saw something awful in the very simplicity she failed to understand.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

All the men in my life have green thumbs so they’ve taken to sharing flowers.  It adds new meaning to the idea of bringing flowers to a date.  These are the gerber daisies from the boy’s front yard to the pot on the side of our house.

Day 156:

The fun Jas and I have with photo booth. Thanks Steve Jobs. Love, Cat Lady’s everywhere.

There are girls in bedrooms that are hyped from the gym and craving eggs, but all they have is cats.

Day 157:

Sunday Church

My mom is a photo-pusher.  She’s an enabler of photo albums, cluttering a house with pictures of people you love, and making my dad and I pose near blue hydrangeas and in our “Sunday best.”

Day 158:

Cupcake Shoppe

Cupcake Shoppe Register

My dear friend Catie and I walked all the way up the giant Glenwood hill for these delectable treats.  I just love the smell of bakeries, and this particular Cupcake Shoppe has my favorite bronze old-time register.  I had a salad for lunch so I decided to just go ahead and coat my nose in buttercream.  My mom sighed and said, “Oh my God, did you eat that this week?” when she saw this photo.  I’m still a rebel at twenty-four.

Day 159:

Jinger’s stampage

Australia: Society of Stamp Counters

“Here’s the mail, it never fails.  It makes me want to wag my tail.  When it comes I want to yell – MAIL!” – Blue’s Clues

Day 160:


Read small printed caption for details.  All this industry and roots still grow.

Day 161:

Laundry Day

Not only does he enjoy climbing into the dryer, but he also likes the feel of warm jeans.  Don’t we all?

21 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 23

    • Cassie says:

      If only he had any clue what was going on.

      Usually he’s the one attacking my feet with his teeth, haha. He tends to chase people down the upstairs hallway. He thinks he’s a lion.

      • The Other Watson says:

        Ahh now there’s a good idea! Maybe I shall do that tomorrow, as I have a bit of free time to do so. They’re not going to help my diet, but then, neither is this rain! (It’s a perfect argument in my head).

      • The Other Watson says:

        And after muffins….hedgehog slices. I really like hedgehog slices. I am actually on a quest to find the best hedgehog slices. I found the best one I had ever tasted once in Queensland, except I was somewhat inebriated, so I forget where it was (but I swear this had no effect on the taste – it really WAS the best I had tasted. I remember that much).

      • The Other Watson says:

        Well, you get a hedgehog, and you cut it into- kidding!!!
        They’re a chocolate slice with biscuit pieces in them, kind of halfway between a cake and a cookie in texture, normally drizzled with chocolate on top. They vary greatly, but most bakeries in Australia at least sell them. Maybe they’re some weird Aussie thing? Or maybe they have a different name elsewhere?
        They look like this:

      • Cassie says:

        I think I’ve definitely had one of these but I wasn’t told what it was. I love the small bakeries all over Sydney. They don’t really have those in the US. It’s depressing. I had to come back here to a million cakes in a box.

      • The Other Watson says:

        Ahhhh, cool! Yeah, they’re pretty tasty little things!
        Oh, so they don’t have little bakeries like that in the US? Wow. So everything is just buy in bulk when it comes to baked goods? Hahahaha I laughed quite a bit at “a million cakes in a box” just then…

    • Cassie says:

      Yes – that’s exactly it. There’s a blogger who makes a list every month and that’s the way I’m going to do it next year. She just numbers the day and gives a word for each like empty, outside, big, close-up. This year I’m just doing random photos from my week. You should totally participate – you can start anytime!

  1. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    Your pictures are lovely. I always forget to take photos even when I promise myself ‘I must this time because of a special occasion’. Like your nailpolish too in the Pen Pals photo. I had to remove mine today. Thought I’d have to get a jackhammer.

    • Cassie says:

      Ou I hate that – you always feel like you’re peeling a layer of your own nail off. I try to do it in the shower so that it comes off easier with the water – bleh. I never leave it on long enough though because as soon as it starts to flake, I’m there picking every nail so it all comes off. I’m hopeless. Thanks for the compliments as usual, lovely lady!


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