Project 365 | Week 16

It’s week 16 and I’m going to do more than just show my week in photos (we all know it’s about my cat anyway).

My best friend is this amazing photographer who has spent her life in the eye of wanderlust.  Right now this means she’s all “mermaid hair, hippie feet.”  She just opened an etsy account where you can purchase prints, cards, and postcards based on her Project 365.  Keep in mind that her Project 365 is glaciers, mountains, sheep, and seas, definitely not cats.  She even had a newborn pig at one point.  Her Project 365 can be found here & the etsy shop can be found here. If you’re too lazy to go to these sites here are some of my favorite photos from the last few weeks.

This next one is by far my favorite ever:

If you’re interested in ordering prints, she has a ton of photos on her website and you’re allowed to order any print you want in a postcard, 8×10 or normal folded card.  They’re beautiful, even if I’m bias.

Onto my week in photos:

Day 105: Welcome Back to North Carolina

I was walking into TJ Maxx minding my own and killed nature parked right down the row from me.

Day 106: Writing Life

My boss needed a pick-me-up.  He went next door to Southern Hospitality @ NOFO and got us glass bottles of soda pop.  I felt so 50’s with my pen, stapler and black cheery fuzz.

Day 107: Baby Birds Flew the Coop

Those baby birds with glossed goose flesh over their eyeballs two weeks ago have now grown up and moved out.

Day 108: Caribou Inspiration Board

I go to Caribou to share opinions on the chalk board because I’m a narcissist.

Day 109: Frustration via Tail

My monster only likes a certain amount of petting.  You can tell by the frustrated tail how much is too much.

Day 110: Silks & Inches

You think you’ve placed them gently on the sidewalk just out the back door, and then surprise! they’re on your finger.

Day 111: Happy Birthday Daddy!

My brother likes to buy my father odd plants for holidays.  A few years ago it was a “Satan” plant and this year it’s a muppet.

22 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 16

  1. laurakatherin says:

    The name of your blog makes me chuckle. Two very important things! Can’t live without ’em. You’re friend’s photographs are beautiful. I think I like the ” … tasted” one the best.

  2. suth2 says:

    The photographs on your friend’s site are amazing. I love the quotes she has selected to accompany the photographs. The scenery is stunning. The picture of the abandoned restaurant in Christchurch certainly shows how time stopped.

    • Cassie says:

      Aren’t they wonderful?! And they make you want to go on an adventure or just stand in a forest, or a field for a while. That Christchurch photo is stunning and heart breaking. The glasses on table – shocking. You really feel it in that photo. She’s spectacular. So proud of her, thanks so much for checking all her photos out.

  3. Sarah Drummond says:

    Oh my goodness thanks for the shout out Cass! And all the kind comments! Sometime this year, I will have a cat photo of the day -even though they creep me out- dedicated to all the cat ladies of the world. I’ll have to stalk Brylie’s cats to get a good one.

    I love that someone wrote the star wars board game on the Caribou Inspiration Board as their favourite.

    • Cassie says:

      Anytime love – hope you sell some prints. :) I’m going to be buying my tree print and a few of the others so I can decorate my wall of adventure. YESSSSSSS.

      Bry’s been sending me pictures of her cats in text and they’re adorable. She got one of Symba yawning – it was fantastic.

      And yes, I saw that and immediately thought of you.

  4. Sarah Drummond says:

    Thanks love! I’m shipping out a couple postcards today for my friend Halie, a sculpture major at UF. We’re doing a craft exchange which basically means she’s sending me some kind of art piece that has to do with sloths with nipples. Can I just say that I would love to do art/craft exchanges too!

    I downloaded whatsapp btw so now I can send you lots of photos of my everyday life that I wish you were here for.

    • Cassie says:

      I wish I was crafty enough to exchange something, or had the time to let my crafts glow. Who knows. And yes whatsapp – we can FINALLY TEXT. YES YES YES

  5. Josy says:

    Oooh, lovely photos!

    I don’t want to say I smiled at the dead deer, but… I smiled at… your reaction to the dead deer…? Does that sound less horrible?

    • Cassie says:

      Haha thank you, dear (pun intended). I think you’re fine. I looked afterward and it was just a head that they had attached to their truck for the business, which is almost weirder.

      I don’t think you’re horrible at all, haha.

  6. Jen Thompson says:

    Your friend is very talented. The pics are amazinggggg….also loved the little caterpillar…at least i think its a caterpillar lol.

    • Cassie says:

      Thank you dear. I think so too. :) That little caterpillar are these annoying little things called silk worms. They come in the spring and dangle from invisible thread and get in your hair!


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