Newsday Tuesday:

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I have some fun things to share for April 10th.  First, go without shoes tomorrow for TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes.  They can say it better than me so check it out to the right. The other thing is the Goodread’s Book Blogger Award.  I really wasn’t going to enter myself in this because I do not have the luck of my Irish ancestors, but I would love to go to the book convention and take my mother on a trip to NY.  If you like this blog, please just take the time to vote for me.  I will go as low as putting cherries on top to earn your vote.

And now for the usual:

Favorite Tweets

Favorite Search Terms

  • The big sleep bookstore: sounds like a store in Sleepy Hollow.  Maybe I should hibernate there in the winter instead of wearing scarves, turning red, and shivering.
  • “blog” tights: I need these.  I commenced in googling until I found any reference to blogging on a pair of tights.  I’m pretty positive that they don’t quite exist yet – blogging tights, or blogging leggings, in case you’re wondering.  What we need are “blogging is sexy” tees.  Yum.
  • poems about liking a boy: Aren’t you cute.  Look up Romeo and Juliet, buy a dagger.
  • why is carolyn forche a good poet: WHOAREYOU.  And you can’t capitalize a name (even in a google search).  You’re hearby kicked off this blogging island.  Banned.  Banished. Exiled. Removed by deadly force.
  • wwjd bracelet font:  One thing you don’t know about me… since I was fourteen I’ve worn a WWJD bracelet on my left wrist.  When one breaks, I immediately run out to the Family Christian Store and get a new one.  I used to have a rainbow one – it was my gay pride Jesus bracelet, now I just have black.  I like the person who googled this, they get me.
  • my rabbit’s ears are gleam:  poet?

Book News:

If you’re new to my blog, I’m obsessed with Alice.  There really only is one Alice, so I can’t really elaborate.  I need to go to bed.

Christopher Lee reads Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”