Project 365 | Week 14

I may have to post this a day early.  Anyway it’s a Friday night, so guess who is a blog loser.

Happy Holiday’s Today and this week! 

Remember this week I’ll be in Philly — ruining my vegetarianism with Philly Cheesesteak – gotta try the local foods.  My brother tells me that real Cheesesteaks are made with Cheese Whiz – can anyone from Philly vouch for this?  If so, where do you recommend I scout out the perfect Cheesesteak and do you recommend I try a place where the men have blood stains on their aprons?  All these questions…so little time.

I will be at St. Francis Inn this week.  I am Catholic and most religions, including mine, believe in good works so I am going to work in the food shelter there.  It’s really interesting because they serve the food instead of doing it cafeteria style. I can’t wait to meet new people, experience the good feeling of serving, and literally waitress for the first time.  Let’s see how many plates I can hold on each arm.

Day 92 | Teeth Excavation

Yep, I’m the girl who takes photos when the Dentist walks away to talk about some kids metal mouth.  “So different from his brother, so slumpy.  And the other studying biology, friendly.”  It’s strange listening to dentist/hygienist conversation like they think you’re out, but really you’re just numbed.

Day 93 | You got it, dude.

I felt so 90s in my mom’s white jean dress.  This isn’t a fashion blog, but I was killin’ it.

Day 94 | NC Poetry on the Bus

It’s National Poetry Month.  That means, Poetry on Buses.  Ride for free, tour Raleigh, experience metaphor.

Day 95 | Egging

All of them were orange.  In other news, my nephews now a dyed mutant.

Day 95.5 | America's Next Top Model

He may be almost a ginger kid, riding on the side of strawberry, but he’s darn tootin’ cute.  My brother produces.

Day 96 | Unedited

I took this SWEET photo through the glass outside of our kitchen.  It’s my family in one shot with a feature of our house model.  My mom is reflected on our porch while Jas and my dad are in the kitchen.  I’m not even sure how this happened, but I love it.  Plus, I’m growing corn – the squirrels didn’t get it all. Yippie!

Day 96.5 | House Model

So, instagram came out for Android.  All that means is that you experience more catness. (Not Katniss, catness).

Day 97 | Don't worry I didn't put my smell/touch on the nest, I have good zoom.

This caption makes me sound like A World Report on Cars.  My brother has a Robin’s nest in his hanging ferns. H.J., I’m hoping you love this.  I know not to touch the nest, and now so does my nephew after I yelled at him about a thousand times.  Hopefully they become full, adult and make more blue speckled eggs and red breasted chests.

Everyone have a darling week.