Project 365 | Week 13

I spent the week at this beach.  There could be a million pictures of people cuddled together from my family and inner circle, however I’m trying to spare you guys the gush. Here goes.

Day 84 | Pollen Epidemic of 2012

If you live at or around the Southern area of the United States than you understand this widespread pandemic.  Silk worms are whispering from threads and trees, your car is a dusty yellow, everything you touch turns to powder, and your nose won’t stop running and sniffing and rouging.  It’s a rough life here in the South.  To see more: visit my driveway.

Day 85 | Coincidences

I was looking for a book on my shelf and came across this odd threesome.  It seems I placed them together without even realizing the irony of it all.

Day 86 | Positive Whales

I always love a good whale, unless it’s Moby Dick.  I also always love a good whale, or porpoise, who has something sunny to say.

Day 87 | Faj and Ma

I don’t think people get more writable than my folks.  How many stories do you think I can squeeze out of this adorable pairing?  If you haven’t noticed, my mom comments on every single one of my blogs (pretty much) and she’s now worried that all of you are going to ask what B.W. means.  I’LL NEVER TELL.

Day 88 | Johnny Mercer Pier

A pier  standing since the 1930’s.  Obviously repairs have been made, but if you’ve ever been in a hurricane – you know this pier is clearly one of a kind.

Day 89 | Crazy Cat Lady

My best friend, Sars, impulse bought me this shirt.  I don’t think it rings true… AT ALL.

Day 91 | National Poetry Month

Today is the beginning of National Poetry Month.  And in Raleigh, the News & Observer kicked it off with a little poetry write-up.  NC Poetry on the Bus got it’s own bullet.  This is exciting stuff, folks.  Ride the R-line throughout April and enjoy some written word.

Also, celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day on the 26th of April.  I’ll be writing more about this in another blog.  However, the more people who celebrate and take action, the more people who get to experience poetry in the contemporary.  If I had my wish the world would know that poetry is not some snobby, elbow-padded suit jacket, but rather a genre of raging voices.

30 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 13

  1. Seth says:

    I just wanna let you know i still read
    These even tho my blog has gone to shit. One day I’ll update. I love the pic of the rents….yeah they are full of good stories


    • Cassie says:

      Haha, I wish you’d blog your stories since they’re hilarious – but I like hearing them from your own voice across international phone lines. <3<3<3

  2. avian101 says:

    Even cat ladies take R&R’s at the beach and go to book stores sniffing old books and getting high on whiffs of paragraphs mixed with syntax, that’s a powerful narcotic for book addicts. But we know that they deserve a bit of joy and entertainment! :)

      • Obscured Dreamer says:

        I know you only said, “…I wish you would…”, so I’m giving into a simple wish. :) Just remember you asked for it!

        The beach—the warming sun, sand between toes, waves rushing in as high tide propels itself on unexpected swimmers, and you didn’t include any pictures? All lovers of the beach, that don’t get to see it often, regardless of miles, always revel in seeing pictures of the beach, a beach, any beach. Now, I’m left to sit here and imagine what the beach was like and wonder if you all got rained on during your stay or if the showers missed you and you only saw gray clouds…without real pictures I am definitely left to pondering!

        Pollen Epidemic 2012 – *read with a thick southern drawl, tempered with words like Sugarplum, Hun, Sweetie all dripping with the thickest of southern honey a woman can put into her voice.* Haha (I may have just sounded like I was making fun of the South, but just so everyone is clear I eat grits! [GRITS also stands for Girls Raised In The South], thank you very much)

        Back to the pollen—here the silkworms are not whispering from threads and trees they are literally screaming like vultures as they all support each other in the master quest of spinning a silken web in trees to feast off. I think somewhere somehow they must have been starving over the past few years, to come back now with such vengeance. Seriously, what is up with the pollen? It has been quite a few years for that too. I don’t remember the exact year I saw it come on so suddenly and furious. With watering eyes, between sneezing I think I fancy a yellow tornado just out of arms reach, but close enough to affect all my sense. Ugh!

        Coincidences – Coincidence or simply a fortuitously unconscious psychological awakening within the map of a smart mind? My only question is, “Where is the Bell Jar”?

        Positive Whales – Moby Dick was positive that he could stay alive until he met that miscreant Captain Ahab!

        Seriously writing; however, I was simply thrilled to see that you mentioned Moby Dick. Of course there is a real reason and it is this—I was recently holding a conversation with two highly intelligent individuals while one offered to the other a tidbit about me not watching television (mostly true) I had to promptly correct that statement only on the basis that the previous Sunday I had watched a PBS special on Whaling because of the in-depth look they took at Herman Melville, the Essex, and so on. They went on to talk about Mr. Melville and his rise and fall as an author.

        Do you know (of course you don’t, but you know I’m going to tell) those two that I just called intelligent (they really are-I’m only speaking out of shock and jest) looked at me with faces so scrunched their eyes were tiny little beads as they both hit me with an onslaught of questions as to what was a Moby Dick, and who might this Herman Melville be because one of them thought they had known him, seen him, and entertained him at the library, and of course correctly knowing that I am geographically challenged they were telling me for the benefit of my education where Essex really is and that it isn’t and wasn’t a ship!
        I just knew that somewhere in this world there were others like me that understand that there is a book and its title is Moby Dick- enough said! Thank you!

        Faj and Ma – In this beautiful picture that you undoubtedly took yourself I would dare to say that you could write more than a dozen stories from this picture alone. (An aside to your mother-I will try my very best to never ever ask what B.W. means, and obviously I shall get not a word on the answer.)

        Secret riddles in the open just make OCD people crack their heads from the banging of trying to figure out something they will never know the answer. A good trick to keep up your sleeve for future writing in character development and plot!

        Johnny Mercer Pier – Yes, it was battered left and right not just through one hurricane either. I love the fact that they repair and leave it still standing as it is a piece of history already with many different stories to tell, and oh how many stories could be written about this one distinct pier!

        Crazy Cat Lady – The rules for being dubbed a “Crazy Cat Lady” are that you must have more than 1 cat, be a lot older than you are, and of course you must have tea with the cats and talk of fairies and nymphs that you just saw perched on the peonies and daises as they watched you all drink tea! (No harm intended at all to the Crazy Cat People[let’s be politically correct and not biased] as I was once one myself)

        National Poetry Month – Yes, it is! I am participating myself in NaPoWriMo; however, I think N.C. Poetry on the Bus is a fantastical idea. I applaud the Raleigh Review for doing this to support their local authors. I won’t be riding the R-line any time this month so it is a shame I will miss it all. Will you be taking any pictures?

        There it is-all in writing. Sometime wishes do come true; whether you want them to or not! Haha

      • Cassie says:

        Haha I’m not even sure where to start.

        Let’s start with the thing I’m most offended by: 1. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO MOBY DICK IS?! Everyone should know all famous sea mammals. Moby Dick especially. I prefer my intellectual friends to also know who the Walrus is (plus the carpenter) in Alice in Wonderland. I’m pretty sure it’s on my friendship contract that you know these things.

        2. Maybe I’m just a cat lady in the making. Maybe my future hold porches, rocking chairs, yelling at children riding bikes in my drive ways, and a very florally decorated tea set. I may be wishing here as well. I do have curly hair that will probably be gray one day and I will be wearing it just as long and mermaid-ish as I do now.

        Pollen, bleh, what can you do with it? I’m kind of scared that your silkworms scream. That can’t be a good sign – they must be in terror…or … coitus.

        YAY! Thank you for the wonderful comments on NC Poetry on the Bus. I’m pumped about the campaign and I will definitely be riding the bus and taking photos -I’ll be sure to post them for you since you just gave me this behemoth of a comment at my wishing.

        PS. I love PBS specials. I learn so much in those short hours.

        PSS. I’ve never eaten grits. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve had one spoon full and hated it. Yuck. It’s like textured oatmeal or something. My parents are northerners – I completely blame them for this. (I completely lost my train of thought when I just felt something walking up my arm and turns out it was a spider that was just squished between my fingers, yuck). I love the North, totally don’t want to be one of those rude Southerners. I’m a halfbreed.

        I feel like we’re in Steel Magnolias will all your “sugerplum” and “honey” sayings.

        Sorry no beach pictures. I have about a million. I guess I should have got on that. Maybe I’ll post a Project 365 extended edition and post some. Only because you made me feel awful about it. : ) Awful in a good way though.

        I think that’s all…I’m not sure. I’ll reply again if I think of something.

        Oh, oh, The Bell Jar was clearly misplaced on my other shelf, among a fairytale collection and a used journal. Strange, hm… maybe that’s further irony.

        YAY! Thanks for granting my wish, oh genie of the blog world. : )

    • Cassie says:

      Haha I know, it’s a little insane.

      And my mom said she wanted to see his crazy eyes in a bigger photo so I guess my cat lady-ness is a genetic thing. : )

  3. wcs53 says:

    Great post and pics. I have a cousin who would really suit the crazy cat lady shirt. Maybe I should get her one. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  4. Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog from a comment you left on another one, and I am glad I did. First off, I love your blog’s name! I just wanted to say, though, that I am thoroughly in awe of the pic of your parents. I hope that, in 50 years, someone will look at a pic of my husband and myself and get that same “awwwww” feeling I got looking at them!

    • Cassie says:

      Aw, well thank you. I look at them and say “awww” but they’re my parents – I’m happy I can give that to someone else and I’m sure people will look at you all and say that. There’s something about old couples still going strong that gets me every time.

      • Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen says:

        Exactly. I am coming from the perspective of watching one marriage fall apart, and following in my parents’ footsteps in divorce, but I have since remarried and I love my husband very much and want so badly to BE exactly what I see in that photo.

      • Cassie says:

        I think when people are really in love and are building strong units together – you can see it. I’m sure this will be the case for you. I feel that way about my boyfriend currently. There’s just something different there that will push us through to lasting, I think. I know you never know, but sometimes you can just feel it. : )


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