Project 365 | Week 11

Look…a girl’s gotta worry about her brackets, okay? And so that is why this is a little late in the day.  (GO NCSU)

Day 70 | Shadows

This is the shadow of my desk (and it’s accumulated nature) against the tree painting I have over my bed.

Day 71 | Occupy Raleigh

Our Occupy movement is on this corner because someone rented the land to them.  Rather than that someone putting just another parking lot, or a food shack, he gave it to the protest.  We even have a library.

Day 72 | Just another contrasted Jas

By now, you’re used to my main model.

Day 73 | Things that hang from my ceiling

Vacation Bible School: 7th Grade.  On the other side of the cd fish I went for a Rainbow Fish vibe and coated on the glitter.  Ke$ha would be proud – he could fly from the ceiling in her next yappy video.  Yes, he is stapled to the ceiling – I was twelve.

Day 74 | Popsicle puss

My boys enjoying a sweaty summer treat.  (What does the fish name his child? …… GILL).

Day 75 | Creek Life

The look of a girl on an early morning walk.

Day 76 | St. Patty's

The bagels were green at Brueggers for St. Patty’s.  It made my whole day better.  I was on my way to spend too much money on new break pads.  (Oh the joys of being in big girl undies).  Holy Car Repairs, Batman!

9 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 11

  1. Bea says:

    Although I do believe Jasper gets far too much press on this blog, I do love him in black and white. I agree with Gabrielle about picture 75, and I think we were out on that walk together.
    Life is sometimes difficult in big girl undies, but it sure feels good when you put them on.

  2. Erika says:

    A friend of mine is doing this too! I am totally regretting that I didn’t do this. I guess it is a 365 project and doesn’t have to start on Jan 1st, right? Love the idea! So fun!


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