Newsday Tuesday

Tweets of the Week:

Favorite Search Terms:

  • Kids Lawn Furniture: I just have the best image in my mind of girls tea-partying in the yard.  Yes, tea drinking is a verb.
  • Girl Hairy Leg: It’s true I didn’t shave my legs for most of high school due to competitive year round swimming and “hair checks” but I think I’ve grown beyond that.  (Except in winter – winter wool).
  • my spring feels like you: I just like the way this reads.  Whoever searched this, you’re a poet.
  • the expense of the bird cage: This is also oddly poetic.  I know it’s probably some cheap father who’s daughter wants a bird or something, but it’s poetically written. 


Nick Flynn @ Norton Tumblr

It’s March Madness.  Let’s all participate.  The 2012 Book Bracket:

Book Bracket

20 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

  1. Bea says:

    Wow!, Newsday Tuesday is really exciting today. I don’t know what link to follow first, but maybe I will check out why the sky is falling in NC before it falls on me.
    I just love your March Madness for books and can’t wait to see who wins.
    What can I say, I am a newsie and always look forward to Tuesday.

  2. Alice says:

    Very nice compilation of links, as always. I do not know this “Book Madness” but I am positive that it is nowhere near as frivolous and self-mockingly serious as my favourite–the original!–March Madness book game, the Tournament of Books. I am obsessed with it. I notice, with pleasure, that the greater percentage on that Book Madness bracket have been past contenders in the Tournament of Books. Accept no substitutions!

    The Murakami pie chart is astoundingly accurate but it really needs a slice devoted to “awkward descriptions of genitalia.” For a bit I was keeping track of the mentions in 1Q84 but they were too numerous; I lost count. Shame: it would be a handy number to trot out whenever I feel the urge to complain

    • Cassie says:

      Wow thank you for directing me to that. I love it. And I haven’t read Murakami but people tell me it is a bit repetitve and filled with strange information. Their descriptions kind of make me interested rather than turn me away.

      Thanks for coming by my blog as well.

      • Alice says:

        I wouldn’t discourage you from reading Murakami–not sure how you feel about magical realism, but if you’re not adverse I’d highly recommend him. The typical quirks described in that chart–descriptions of ears and genitalia and all–are usually palatable to charming in his books. Just don’t, under any circumstances, start with 1Q84. Loads of people adore it but I’m convinced they’re mostly preexisting fans as I can’t think of a worse place to start with him–even people who like it will admit that the book overlong with one of the worst endings of the year. I’d suggest Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (a very early and quite bizarre Murakami; my own first and probably still my favourite) or The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles (the opening premise–a man searching for his missing cat–might hook you in particular since you’re also a cat lover) as the best starting place.

      • Cassie says:

        I will get one or two of these from the library when I turn in my pile from this week. I’m glad you recommended them to me or else I probably would have never read any of them. I’ll put them on my “To Do” list for next week. I’m a post-it note crazy person so I have to make lists.


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