Newsday Tuesday

I’m exhausted.  I have to run (literally) up to the Church tomorrow morning at 630 am in order to squeeze in Ash Wednesday mass so this may be a short one.

  • 100 Story House for Bookish Brooklyn

    Everyone’s been all over this on the blogosphere.  It’s the 100 Story House shaped like a Brooklyn Brownstone for Brooklyn.  I’m not  quite sure what we would shape our Story Shelves like here in North Carolina, probably a John Deere green machine.  However, this is a lovely concept and it’s rain proof (imagine that).  You can donate to the public art project here on Kickstarter.   I think Kickstarter really explains all the important information on this project like where the books will come from.  DONATE.

  • Over the weekend I found this amazing website, floating around google.  It’s called “Letters to Note” and it’s a blog of letters, telegrams, postcards, tidy notes, to and from famous writers.  It’s really exciting to just read through and see what people you admire were thinking, or see how they described love.  I feel like every writer is out there to get at the word love, or find the feeling, or just explain.  How do you even explain first love?  Maybe you’ll find your voice in these letters.

Tweet of the Week:

Tweet of the Week

  • Faulkner and Hemingway to be discussed at Library of Congress for anyone living in the DC area or anyone who knows how to get on a bus.
  • More Hemingway news: inscribed book sells for 68,000.  It’s his first book Three Stories and Ten Poems which had a print-run of only 300.  How insane.  Look how far we’ve come, literary snobs.
  • Acclaimed poet and writer Mary Oliver is sick and two of her lovely friends have started a literary blog for everyone to support her full recovery.  The blog is beautiful and while there, anyone can write “how they were influenced or changed by her work.”   Here is a poem by Oliver titled, “At Black River” if you are unfamiliar with her work but would like to be changed or influenced.
  • My favorite artist has unveiled photos of her many sketchbooks.  If you’re like me, then you’re obsessed with other writer’s journals, or tools.  I remember spending forty-five minutes watching Nikki Finney interviews to figure out what sort of pencil she used when she wrote poems.  Maybe the led is the muse.  I’m the same with notebooks.  So far, I’ve found Target’s Greenroom line to be my favorite because it’s made from recycled material but the ruled lines are very faint.  I’m also a fan of leather journals that are blank.  It’s really personal preference but if you’re a writer, you have to gush over other people’s private diaries and notebooks.  So, swoon away.

Artist Geninne. Click the picture to visit her blog.

German Sci-fi covers thanks to Monster Brains

I want to be in my bed. Goodnight.

20 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday

  1. Bea says:

    Another great Newsday Tuesday. I will have to bop on over to some of those sites. I am looking forward to my copy of the Raleigh Review. I just love the cover. I can’t even think of a word to describe it, but am anxious to read what waits inside.


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