Project 365 | Week 6

This was the week of light sabers and Star Wars.  I’m not at all sure why.  I think that it’s because my best friend Sars lost her puppy to a freak illness this week (RIP Asher Naboo).  Inevitably, Sars love of Star Wars found its way into my week.  I needed a little hint that my friends were hurting.  It’s funny how the world reminds you when to love.

Day 36 | Superbowl Travesty

I spent the Superbowl with my teens.  This is a moment of pandemonium…I’m sure you can tell by the hurt on Tom Brady’s Face. Two words: Poor Giselle.

Day 37 | Finally Finished a Tube

It’s funny now that I take pictures I think of the significance of stupid little everyday things.  I wonder how long it took me to use-up this entire tube of Crest Complete.  Probably a lot in my life has happened since this Crest Complete has been using its whitening powers to remove plaque from my stubbly teeth.  I’m now using Toms of Maine toothpaste which doesn’t taste very good but it’s not tested on any animals and uses all natural ingredients.  Hence: I have become a hippie.  (Yes, I brush my teeth in the shower).

Day 38 | Embarrassing myself in the movie theater

They wouldn’t let me bring my Starbucks into the movie so I had to force them to bring a chair behind this poster so that I could fit into the hole.  It seems Luke is a very tall man.  (Here is where I apologize to all the Star Wars fans and my best friend who may be the biggest one and say, this is Obi-Wan Kenobi, not Luke.  Dang).

Here are the deleted scenes:

Deleted Scene

I so badly want to be tall.

Day 39 | What's more lonely than a roof?

I spent all day at the RR by myself on Thursday.  I tried to think of a way to capture that lonliness without actually having to take a picture of myself all pimpled from stress.  Here’s what came out of it.  The only times I’ve ever sat on a roof were when I was a. trying to run away from home, b. trying to climb out of my window and sneak off to kiss boys or c. just sitting out there smelling the breeze.  It’s a lonely place, unless you’re a young adult who can jump off her roof onto a trash can and not fall through into the clumps of her family’s meals.  I’d say those were some very Ninja Turtle moves.

Day 40 | Bookishness

My brother has this amazing back porch and it’s the perfect place to grab a cup of afternoon coffee and a good book.

Day 40.333 | First Light Saber

This is his first light saber.  Every young man should have one.  As you can see he had too many legos (you should see his ultimate lego table in his room and then you’d really believe me) so we had to move on to bigger and better things.

40.666 | Proving I have the cutest nephew in the world

My precious cargo.

Day 41 | Business Cards

I think I eat enough Mexican that I deserve to have my old business card in one of their slots.  No, the RR is not religious, nor is it particularly foreign (occasionally), but none the less, I felt I was owed this business card placement.  I’ve eaten my weight in queso and had enough salsa that I could float a small boat through my insides – I thought it was time I promote myself for my ability to cheat on a diet.

Day 42 | Cleaning Out My Closet

Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of two garbage bags full of clothes (thank you, Sterling Birdie).  And no, I didn’t write a cool rap about it like Eminem, but I did find my Prayer Book from maybe first grade in one of the drawers.  It seems I liked cats even then (see stamps on left).  I thought the prayer on the right was perfect for helping me create a sense of calm in my room while I decided what to keep and what to give away.  (This was post jamming out to Jessie J “Domino” which I’m obsessed with).  Plus, I just really love St. Francis, both the church I’ve gone to since I was six, and the man himself.

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14 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 6

    • Cassie says:

      Haha I’m better when I have too much to do. I’m not quite sure I could do nothing at this point. I need a pajama day with romantic movies on.

      But thank you. Hopefully hardwork will pay off soon.

  1. Bea says:

    As her Mother, I can’t tell you where the energy comes from, but she does her best when she keeps moving. If she slows down, she comes to a complete stop. She is one of those people who do their best work under pressure.
    Love the pictures, especially the smile on your “cutest ever” nephew.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this. Jack will make a great padawan learner, I hope to one day teach him the ways of the force. Until then, have some fun lightsaber battles with that little stud!


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