<3 Valentines for Book Lovers <3

Oh goodness, here we are again at the holiday where scorned women are burning their bras from large trashcans in the cubicle of their backyard and men are standing outside of the florist’s glass doors five minutes too late (should have thought ahead).  My nephew will be bringing his Valentine mailbox to school covered in sweet hearts and red stickers.  Lipstick marks will brush cheeks, napkins and if you’re lucky, necks.  High school girls will complain that their boyfriend doesn’t shower them in mom’s homemade chocolate strawberries everyday of the year, and college girls will get drunk and dance wildly to Katy Perry leaving eye liner sinking down their lids the next morning.  It is a day for jubilation whether pink or drowned.  It’s one of my favorite holidays because I love to see bright colors everywhere and I can wear a really fun pair of earrings.  Plus, what a great excuse to eat your arm weight in chocolate (this also pertains to Easter).

Without further adieu, your gift guide:

Let’s start big. The Naughty Lover

Bad Girl | Valentine

  • Top Left | Personalized Valentine Tattoo Bookmark by My Bookmark @etsy.  25% off for the whole month of February. Tell your bookish suitor that you like him more than just the 14th.  Tell your pin-up girlfriend that you wish it was her in your book, but she’s running through your dreams all day.  (pow!)
  • Top Right | Naughty Bookmark (Vintage) by Infinite Caboodles @etsy.  If you just want to be blunt about it.
  • Bottom Left | Naughty or Nice Pins.  They also come in Sex Kitten.  As a bookish girl, I used to be obsessed with pins for my “book” bag.  I never really carried school supplies (other than my favorite rollerball pens) but I always carried books filled with post-its.
  • Bottom Right | Make-out Necklace. Or as my mom would say “Necking Necklace” which sounds a lot cooler.

For the Romantic Lover

For the Romance of the Bookish

  • Top Left | Chocolate Book by Hungry Happenings @ blogspot.  I mean…what girl doesn’t want chocolate?  And even better if it comes in book form.
  • Top Right | Literary Locket by Classically Romantic @ etsy.  Who needs a boy to lock away in a pendant against their chest when they can have words; synonyms, vowels, rhyming.
  • Bottom Left | Word Bouquet by Hello Mrs Brown @ etsy.  I just really hope my boy sees this blog.
  • Bottom Right | Book Charms by Southwest Sky Jewelry @ etsy.  Here’s a new thing about me: I collect charm bracelets from flea markets and antique shops.  I like the feeling of knowing that someone else spent years on a bracelet about themselves.  I, however, can’t seem to come up with a theme or a life of my own for a bracelet.  Obviously, I just wasn’t looking hard enough – duh, book charms.

For the Classic Valentine (or the girl that says she only wants a card.  Hint: She’s lying.  This also pertains to the girl who says she doesn’t like flowers because they die.  Hint: She too is lying.  They should hang out together).

Classic Beauty | For the Girl Who Wants a Card

  • Top Left | Book Ring from ChezMargot @ etsy.  Write your special message, get laid or your money back.
  • Top Right | Arabian Nights Secret Stash from Hollow Book Safe @ etsy.  Not only a classic book, but keep your classic jewelry safe.
  • Bottom Left | Alice Apron from Loverdoversclothing @ etsy.  You knew I’d throw some Alice in somewhere.  I don’t really like to cook, but I’d bake my whole kitchen away if I had this little petticoat apron.
  • Bottom Right | Propose with a Book from Pommesfrites @ etsy.  There are no words, tears are forming.

For the Funky Valentine

Funky Chick Valentine

  • Top Left | John Clark Bookish Girl Print by John Clark @ etsy.  I bought some of these for my sister-in-law a while back.  They’re wonderful.  I’ve been obsessed for a while.
  • Top Right | Ipod Peter Pan by RichNeelyDesigns @etsy.  Someone commented on my Newsday Tuesday blog from a bit ago that they wanted one.  So here they are.
  • Bottom Left | Superman Mini-me’s by CreativeButterflyXOX @etsy.  These are really cake toppers but I’m not getting married anytime soon, so for now they’re just decorations.
  • Bottom Right | Book Light by ItUsetoBe @etsy.  These are awesome, maybe you want to stay up and read, but have no flashlight…bring the book light, literally.

For the Savy/Stylish/Technological Valentine

For the All Things New Valentine

  • Top Left | Bookstore Betty Coat by TulleClothing @ Modcloth.  Fancy sitting around books all day?  Or like me, do you drag your significant others into every bookstore on a bookish cobblestone street?
  • Top Right | Necklace in Wonderlandby And Mary @ Modcloth.  Curiouser and curiouser.
  • Bottom Left | The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks @ every bookstore ever.  Any smart and savvy girl needs to know to escape to the tallest building in the city with multiple machine guns and a hunky doctor with a vaccine.
  • Bottom Right | Novel Tee in Ester by Out of Print @ Modcloth.  Oh, Sylvia.  Darling, Sylvia.  “Yes, Mickey?”

For the Grammarian Librarian 

Grammarian Librarian

  • Top Left | Vintage Library Cards by The Old Design Shop @ etsy.  I wish we still used these to mark dates.
  • Top Middle | I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar @ Modcloth.
  • Top Right | Shoulder Bag of Notebook by Lyst @ Modcloth.  I would throw notebooks in this bag so it’s only fitting that it has one on the outside.
  • Middle Left | I’ve completely lost this sign somewhere on Etsy.
  • Middle | Good Grammar is Sexy by Studio Nico @ etsy.  The chick and the t-shirt look good.
  • Middle Right | Library Stamper by Rubber Stamps For You @ etsy.  Clearly, we all need these for those who borrow our books and never give them back.  When we’re in their house, nosing around their bookshelves we will Ah-ha our book and prove it’s ours by the stampage.
  • Bottom Left | Grammar Nerd Bird House by Repagination @ etsy.  My mom and dad collect bird houses (you should see our backyard) and this is perfect.  I also really like this one.
  • Bottom Middle | Library Card Notebook by Campfire Designs @ etsy.
  • Bottom Right | Pear Book Ends by Lady and Meemz Fab @ etsy.  I just think produce and books go together well.  Have you ever even seen an overweight librarian?  It’s a skinny culture…all those thin words.

The Homey Valentine

Homey Valentine

  • Top Left | Marks the Plot Coaster Set by Out of Print @ Modcloth.  Books, books everywhere and not a word to read.
  • Top Right | Raven with Books by Wordybirdstudios @ etsy.  I went a little crazy with the wall decals.
  • Middle Left | Where the Wild Things Are (On Your bookshelf) by Black Fin Graphics @ etsy.
  • Middle Right | Scrabble Slam @ Target. I play this all the time with the teens and it is too much fun.  Outrageous.
  • Bottom Left | Retro Wall Decal with Books by Looks Better @ etsy.  I need a green wall.
  • Bottom Right | Booky Mugs by Book Fiend @ etsy.  It’s by a book lover, for a book lover.
Personal Favorites from One Book Lover to Another

Personal Favorites

  • Top Left | Planetarium Tights @ Modcloth.  I think every bookish girl likes the Universe, right?
  • Top Middle | Alice Print on Book Paper by CollageOrama @etsy.
  • Top Right | E.E. Cummings Set by Silver Made Studio @ etsy.  I may have already showed this to everyone I know.
  • Bottom Left | Barbie Earrings by imyourpresent @ etsy.  Barbie reads….right?
  • Bottom Middle | Floating Bookshelf by Littlefishfurniture @ etsy.  I own one of these and it is magnificent.  Seriously, buy one.  It’ll change your whole room.  Plus, I totally called Ezra who owns the shop a woman, and he was really gracious about it.  AND on top of that he’s going to write a book about his name (at least I hope so).
  • Bottom Right | Messenger Bag by R2SD @ etsy.  I’m a real sucker for a messenger bag.  They just hold the most pens, pockets, and words.
Geninne gets her own special shout out just because I’m obsessed with her and she has no clue who I am.  WARNING MOTHER: (I may or may not have a tattoo that is one of her birds….Here’s to hoping my mom doesn’t read this part to my dad).

Make your literary lover happy this Love day and fill her/him up with words, sounds, and bookish things.

34 thoughts on “<3 Valentines for Book Lovers <3

    • Cassie says:

      Um, I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask. I’d say just visit people’s blogs and comment and enjoy reading them and soon you will build a sort of community with people where you just enjoy each other’s words. Does that help?

      • Amy Pirt says:

        If you’re quite general when you tag – i.e. books, fashion, film, music – you should be found easily onWordpress. I average between 30 and 40 hits a day. Good luck!

    • Cassie says:

      Haha I told my boyfriend…so I did a blog today that you might want to read….subtle hints, subtle hints. Anyway, I hope she gets you something fabulous whether from my list or not. Dare I ask what you’re getting her in case she sees? Oh goodness, how I love Valentines and love.

  1. Bea says:

    I told your Father I didn’t need anything for Valentine’s Day. OOPS, I lied.
    Seriously though, loved the shopping blog and the hints. Mixing shopping, reading, and internet time…..priceless!

  2. Amy Pirt says:

    I love love love this post! Thank you for all your research on book-inspired gifts. I love everything! And want to buy it all!

  3. Andi (Estella's Revenge) says:

    AWESOME choices! I definitely fall into the funky category. I once told some friends that I’d rather receive a t-shirt with a turkey leg on it (odd, and I like turkey) than a silver bracelet of hearts (uggg, hearts).

    Totally Pinteresting this post. :D

    • Cassie says:

      Ouu yay! Add me on pinterest. I’m under my twitter name: casssiiieeeeee. And I would totally wear a turkey leg – just think of all the metaphors you could come up with if someone asked you why you were wearing that. Go you!


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