Project 365:Week 5

Here’s Week 5  |  Project 365.  This week I actually really love most of the photos I’ve taken.

Day 30 | Restaurant Stool

At least once a week the humble staff of the RR walk over to the other side of the block and get food at our favorite pizza place in Raleigh (in case you tour the big city sometime).  It’s called Lily’s Pizza and inside they have decorations by local artists, odd poetic bumper stickers, trashed manicans and these grammarian stools.  It kind of made my day to sit on one, not going to lie.

Day 31 | Murder

Every time I see a pile of birds flying around an area of woods, I think someone is definitely murdered below.  I panic at whether to alert the authorities or if that would be a misuse of my privilege to dial 911.  It’s from years of crime shows like Law & Order, or just the entire channel dedicated to homicide and disappearance; Investigation ID.  I think this was definitely heightened after reading Wildwood when a child is taken away by a pack of crows.

Day 32 | Fuzzy Train Wheels

The next three pictures are all together.  My good friend Gabby came in from Australia for two days this week and I had to entertain myself somehow during my two hour wait for her.  I really wanted to sing some Old Crow, “Headed down south to the land of the pines
And I’m thumbin’ my way into North Caroline…”

Day 32 | All by Myself

Around ten:thirty, the train station garbage man let me know that I was no longer allowed to be on this bench. “It’s a strategy to keep the homeless out during the night.”  What I said, “Okay, thank you.” What I should have said, “It’s cold outside, dude, and what is a homeless person going to do to you?  They only come in to use this wooden bench that looks almost like a pew, for sleep.”  I’m sure it’s company policy.

Day 32 | Take a Look in the Mirror

Raleigh train station with one lone girl.

Day 33 | Odd Vegetable. Second Edition

I love knobs, there’s something new everyone can know about me.  Vegetables with knobs make me sweat.

Day 33.2 | Hush Puppies Experience

A girl’s first hush puppie experience must be documented.  This is everyone’s first glimpse at Gabby’s first hush puppie (it’s cool enough to end in -ie and not -y).  Can’t stay in the Carolina’s without widening up those belt loops and eating fried food slathered in barbecue sauce.

Day 33.4 | Honey Sticks

Gabs and I got honey sticks before we went out to eat, another staple of North Carolina.  I had to take a photo for the 2012 book of both of us together.

Day 33.6 | Ya'll get out of that air, now.

When Australians comes to the US, they’re forced into awkward situations: security at the airport, pat-downs, greasy pizza, baggy clothes, and jumping photos in front of large Southern signs.  Ya’ll love it, and Ya’ll know it.

Day 34 | Republican Primary Gum

You should know by now that I fall into the Donkey category.  If not, here is a picture.

Day 35 | Crack Plant

There’s so many thing I can write about this picture.  1.  If you jump on the crack, it won’t break your grandmother’s back, but it may kill a growing seed.  2. My mother bought all these bricks to outline our front garden and hoped that the tulips would still come up.  She didn’t even think about the crocuses.  And here they are, growing through the cracks.  Out of darkness, comes light.

Day 35.5 | Wall of Baby

My mother loves pictures probably even more than I do.  Our hallway is dedicated to her first grandchild and my nephew, Jack the Wolf.  Most of the pictures are of Jack as he’s growing up, but on the far right my beautiful mother is holding a picture of herself and siblings all in a row.  We were trying to decide who Jack most looks like.  He’s definitely a Shealy, that’s for sure.  We all are. PS. How handsome are my Uncles?

Hope everyone is taking in those little moments of their lives this week.  Even if you don’t take a picture, try to take five minutes to yourself of breathing in atmosphere and breathing out problems.

10 thoughts on “Project 365:Week 5

  1. ceciliag says:

    Your Mum should hang that lovely black and white up with the others,it makes the red of that child’s grubby face really pop, what a fantastic wall and I loved you guys jumping! Hope gabi had a great time! c

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks lovely! My mom should hang it just because I love to look at it and try to see who I most look like, haha. Plus, it’s all my Aunts and Uncles (crazy or not) in one photo.

      Thanks about the jumping. :) Gabs had a great time I think and now she’s off in Charleston and then Orlando – jet setter! I’m jealous.

  2. Bea says:

    Maybe I will put that picture right there, Thanks Cecilia! It is so nice to see the familiar face of my sisters and brothers when I look at my children, and now my grandson. Genetics are a wonderful thing!


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