Newsday Tuesday:

This little chick kind of looks like me. And I quite like penguins (they mate for life).

It’s that sweet time of day when I can sit down with a cup of Maxwell House and type out a little news segment for the people of this blog.  It’s been a good week for books; they managed to help a few cats down from trees with the local city fire department.  Other not-so-local books were stamped by Discard labels which just means, we the people, need to do a better job of using our local public libraries before they are lost altogether by bigger and seemingly-better (to the government, and contractors) condo’s and luxurious apartment adobes.  Consider checking out the next book you’d like to buy, and then buying it if there are sections you need to mark-up or quotes you need to highlight.  If you’re like me and you need to have it on your forever-shelf, I completely understand…but that doesn’t mean you can’t start it at the library.  If this doesn’t sell you, think of the crumbly old women with thick, gold-rimmed glasses who will help you find the book; the one. Save the books!

  • Julianna Baggott talks about her writing process at BlueTownBillLit.
  • We Are the Poets (documentary) is showing at Curzon (I always like to share where it gets showed because it’s a fantastic documentary that follows inner city youth who are chosen to compete at Brave New Voices (a slam poetry event).

Here is one of my favorite (ever) slams: Shake the Dust by Anis Mojgani.

My review and countless ramblings on my latest finished book, The Happiness Project, will be coming to you soon.  Right now, make some coffee/tea/hot chocolate and listen, or read a good news story, darling.

4 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday:

  1. Bea says:

    I checked out that last article about “Some of my Worst Friends are Books”, and I can see that it really relates to you and to Dolly. You have been known to throw a book across a room when the characters do the unexpected, and Dolly put her books in the freezer if they got a bit too intense to continue. Once frozen over a bit, she could take them out and begin again.
    So, the article really makes a great point about friendship with books.
    Another great Newsday Tuesday! Thanks!


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