New Desk Plant: Blue Mystique

If you’ve been following for a while then you know that I have an assortment of odd plants surrounding and sitting on my NEW ANTIQUE DESK! (ahhhhhhhh!)  I haven’t yet blogged about the desk, but I’ve done a few blogs on my weird plant fetish; the succulents, the African Stone Plant, the Hot Pink Moon Cactus and my speckled orchids.  Well, it’s time to add a new plant to the desk menagerie: The Blue Mystique.

Blue Mystique

So, what’s the first thing I did when I got home with the orchid?  Duh, mirror pictures.  It’s like the myspace generation of gardeners or something.

Featured here is the Blue Mystique (which honestly makes me think it has super-human X-men skills, like a fighting flower).

It all started when I took a trip to Home Depot with dad to buy mom some odd  put-together Christmas present (I can’t really say what that is) and the fire alarm started going off.  As usual, the fire alarm was erratic, loud, headache-inducing and we grabbed our box of Christmas cheer and ran to a register.  Passing through the garden section on our way, I saw the Blue Mystique and began a week long lover affair where I was swooning and dreaming of owning this flower.  Then, on Sunday, my father unfortunately had to go to the hospital and my entire family (and family friends) crowded into a hospital room, removing their shoes, scarves and sweatshirts to be together.  We were all discussing Christmas presents and I encouraged my cousin to get me the Blue Orchids.  Usually, he takes a long time to come through and I couldn’t wait that long (because I’m both selfish and impatient, two bad qualities).  So, once I had it in my head that I was going to have these majestic, crime-fighting flowers the impatience took over.

I got some Starbucks with Aunt Jan, and rushed to the Home Depot to pick up the present to myself.  And sometimes, as much as this season is about giving, you have to give back to yourself.  (That’s my justification so I don’t feel like a crazy, selfish b-word).   And here we are in my bathroom upstairs posing together, like two growing things in love.

I like to have plants in my room (around my window and desk) because they breathe life into a room, more than just my small puffs when I sleep.  They create an oxygenated environment, they add color and their quite a good topic of conversation.  (Not that too many people enter into my bedroom that I don’t know very well).  I’m starting to think along with cats I’m going to be that old plant lady who has a greenhouse built into the side of her cottage.  It’s probably in my genes since my dad has a small jungle in our kitchen that he refuses to shape, or organize.  I think where most writers have a special type of pencil, or a special notebook, I have the specialty of weird plants that help me write, and without them…I’d be just another girl staring at a blank page with a half braid in her hair.

Here are some more pictures:

Let me Tell Ya Bout My Best Friend. No Just kidding. Please enjoy my super woman and heeled pictures in the background. I have a feminist bathroom. Also, I never realized I had a pinky-up stance when taking photos.

Just some artsy fartsy shots

Books & Flowers, what more does a girl need?

I’ll let you know if I kill it by drowning. Eeeeeee, hope not.

18 thoughts on “New Desk Plant: Blue Mystique

    • Cassie says:

      Haha, I’ve managed to grow a bud on my speckled pink orchid – so I’m hoping I can manage the same with the blue one! We shall see!! And you as well. :) Hope lots of books are in your future.

  1. emmabolden says:

    Holy moly that’s a beautiful orchid! I want one so seriously, but my cats will so seriously devour it. I’m thinking about making an epic terrarium. Please do post tips!

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks! I couldn’t stop staring so I had to get it and thankfully my cat only messes with my father’s plants. He’s a rebel that way. I’ve been reading your 12 days of Christmas photo posts – they are lovely.


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