Borrowing Projects (Project 365) and Resolutions:

Since it’s the dawn of the New Year soon, everyone I know is scrambling to come up with resolutions, or words, or a “bucket list” for a year.  I do all of the above, so I’m in with the masses; reading horoscopes, making wishes on 11:11 and yellow lights, and other odd behaviors you may see me do.  I usually come up with a list of 100 things I’m going to do in the New Year with three things that are completely out of character for me.  This year, those are run a half-marathon, read even more books than last year, and complete Project 365.

Run a half-marathon has always been something I’ve wanted to do.  Partly, because I’m competitive and want one of those white , bold & black face stickers on the window of my Focus, and partly because I need to stay fit.  I have a thyroid issue (an obtuse thyroid, turned the wrong way) and so my weight can become out of control at the drop of a cheeseburger.

Motivation starts with me staring at hot girl bodies to remind myself what I could be with some effort.

Thanks to this issue, I’ve been eating more healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables) and I’ve been concentrating on working out.  The working out part is coming a bit slow and so I’ve convinced my father that he has to wake me up, no matter what, at 8:00 am every morning.  Usually, like the teenager I still am, I laze around under the covers, snuggling my cat for a few minutes and then I almost-stoned head into the shower, but this time…uh uh.

Some of you are scoffing reading this.  “8:00 am, that’s sleeping in! Try having a three year old!”  It’s an hour earlier than I normally get up for work and in that hour I plan to train for a marathon in Raleigh in November.  (Oak City Classic in case anyone has ran it).  By then, I hope to be able to run a HALF-marathon which is 13.9.  This is my goal.

If anyone has any real motivating music they’d like to share with me that keeps them going, please do so.  Usually, (and this is the honesty coming out…) I listen to music that reminds me how shitty my ex-boyfriends are and how good I’m going to look after this run (aka so much better than them).  WINNING.  Is this typical or did I just share something that everyone is laughing at?  Or, I listen to music that is completely degrading to women, and then I get angry and work harder.  This usually turns into a Lil’ Wayne marathon.

Reading, schmeading.  My goal for next year is 120 books, so I think I can do that.  It’s not too lofty since I’m almost there this year, and I just have to keep maintaining through bad books or flying through wonderful ones like I did this year.  The only thing that’s got me a little nervous is that I’ve been really slacking in December.  It took me two weeks to read Goonsquad and I didn’t even try to read anything else during that time.  I started Sarah Canary three days ago and I have yet to read it at all past page three.  I guess I’m just not giving into my book lust.  You wouldn’t know it from this blog though since I seem like some insane book lady.

The last of my “big” ideas for next year is Project 365.  Thanks to Emma Bolden at A Century of Nerve, I’ve been inspired.  She’s an amazing writer, you should go check out her blog and her published work that is linked there.  Project 365 is the idea that every single day of the entire year you take a picture.  Sounds simple right?  It gets harder.  The goal picture is a picture that encompasses everything in that day into one quick shot.  I think that’s a hefty feat, especially for myself.  I’m that person who will be sitting on the computer looking at pinterest at 11:39 pm and realize I haven’t taken my photo and now I’m forced to take another picture of my cat sleeping.

Tangent: He’s just got the cutest, roly-poly sleeping position that I can’t help myself but squeeze, or photograph him.  Otherwise he’s pure evil and so arrogant.  Let me just go on a quick tangent.  When I bought Jas(per) from a shelter, they told me his name was Gaston because he was just so handsome.  And ever since that day, even after I changed his name to Jasper (yes, due to my Twilight fascination) I’ve been living with his growing ego, which both my parents feed – literally – with treats.  I’m convinced he’s a reincarnated Kenickie from Grease.  Ugh. My life.

Anyway, Project 365 is why you see the flickr widget over there on the side bar.  This is so that if you see I’ve missed a day, you can harangue, harass, throw tomatoes (or other varied forms of produce) at me until I produce some magical photograph for that day.

I think I’ll look back on this project, proud of the fact I was able to accomplish it and happy that I have a year of pictures.  My house already looks like Hallmark threw up everywhere with cards and photos of my nephew, so let’s just add to the hoarding of faces, and books, and the written word with Project 365.  Maybe I’ll even find something unique to hang all the pictures with on pinterest.  I could have a timeline of my life in the hallway! I have so many ideas…that neither of my parents will agree with.

That being said, I want a few takers to do this with me.  I’ve already created a flickr account so that everyone can see I’m keeping up with my promises, but maybe someone else is interested in photographing their day-to-day existence.  We can share our days together.  (Aw….).  How I’m going to do this is: every week I’ll post a blog of my 7 pictures (probably on a Sunday) and explain them, I suppose, and sort out why I chose that random tree, or that desk, or this tool shed.   Sort of like a book club, but with photos that we share on our blogs every Sunday.

Raise your hand if interested and Salute your shorts. Har-har.

Also, please link your blog in the comment section so that we can see if there are any takers at all (probably not….) and we can also look at one another’s blog throughout the year of photos.  Every Sunday when I post my pictures (if I indeed choose Sunday) I will link to you as well so that everyone can see your wonderful lives displayed 365 days of the year.  WOO!

Warning: If you sign up for this, you will receive nasty head thoughts if you slow down, and/or forget.  I won’t get nasty with you exactly, but I will be thinking mean things.  If you succeed everyday, I will secretly be jealous of your success at keeping up with this so easily, as I will probably fail at times.  And that’s why I have a glass half-empty mentality. :) Soon it will fill up though, chocolate milk please.

So, who’s in?  And if you’re not in, feel free to share some resolutions you have this year with me and my fellow bloggers.  I’ve thought of sixty for my usual one hundred, but I need a few more ideas of what I should really plan for next year.

What are your resolutions for next year, or what are your words to live by in 2012?

26 thoughts on “Borrowing Projects (Project 365) and Resolutions:

  1. Michael Ann says:

    Great post, Cassie. I really like that you make these goals for yourself. I am NOT a goal maker, and sadly my life is proof of that. Luckily I’ve finally realized the importance of goals. I am already feeling overwhelmed with having two blogs so no thank you on the photo thing, but I do look forward to yours! My goals for next year are kinda personal and when they happen, I will share them. But it’s going to be a HUGE year of change for me on all levels. It has to be.

    You are a breath of fresh air!

    • Cassie says:

      Aw thanks Michael Ann! I’m sure whatever you dream up, you can do! I’m confident in you…I can barely keep up with my one blog so if you’re at two – you’re a mad woman! I hope you reach all your goals in the new year and I get to hear about your success through your blog. :)

  2. Sarah Drummond says:

    For me, personally, I have never believed in making goals because it it doesn’t allow as much for spontaneous opportunities. HOWEVER, for the first time in my life, I have made a goal for the following year. A BIG HEFTY GOAL. No, it does not include babies, sorry Cass. Also, I have been wanting to do a 365 photo project for a very long time…I will consider it over the next couple weeks…I am really bad at keeping up with things or doing anything at all in a routine but perhaps I could try? It would be nice to have someone to do it with to keep each other in check. Either way, I am stoked to see what your daily photos will be like.

    • Cassie says:

      SARS. You need to do this BECAUSE my present may have something to do with it….

      and because we need to do this together from across the world and see how similar AND different our lives are in our two locations.


      Nothing to think about…you already take a picture a day probably…so just do it. Because I love you and you’re the perfect person to do this with.

  3. melsteaparty says:

    A half marathon is totally doable! It’ll be easier than you think once you’re done. Race-day adrenaline helps a lot! I don’t know what kind of music you like, but I always put “All I do is Win” and act like I’m way cooler than I actually am… Gives me some motivation for a few minutes.

  4. Audra (Unabridged Chick) says:

    I’m a huge fan of excessive goal lists, so I love yours. Good luck training for a half marathon — my wife is running one on New Year’s Day during our California vacation. There’s an option to do it on the 31st and the 1st, and thus claiming the glory of running a marathon over two years, ha ha, but my wife is opting for just one day and 13 point whatever miles. Me, I’m sitting and reading. In solidarity. I’ll nudge my wife for her marathon mix!

  5. wideawakeness says:

    I am doing Project 365. Because I realized today that I haven’t written anything good since the summer, since I always write better in the summer, and it’s all so far away. And for a lot of other reasons (see the blog post that I have yet to write).

    I miss you (see the text that I have yet to send, but will write in the next 60 seconds).

    My word for the year is, always and forever, “patience.” Because I was born with out it.

    I think it’s genetic.

  6. Yatin says:

    Do the images have to be from a professional camera or an iPhone shots are considered a fair deal. Camera phone just adds convenience for a daily assignment.
    Is there a concept of half 365Project? Well you can’t post half of the picture so I think this would mean committing 182/3 images during the year. Between iPhone & half the work load, I think it could be a manageable deal. I hope I am not sounding like a deal negotiator here.

    • Cassie says:

      Haha! Your wheelin’ and dealin’ is fine. Feel free to do it however you want. No rules, but to document your life for a year in pictures. I’ll probably be taking a lot on my phone because I can’t carry my nikon with me everywhere I go. It’s heavy and oddly shaped. : )

  7. Everyday Scrawlings says:

    Project 365 sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to your posts, I think I’m going to join in with the fun actually and *try* to complete the challenge as well.
    I don’t quite know where to fit it in though, the blog I have at the minute is saturated with film reviews, personal posts and I’m also thinking of a few book reviews too so do you think it would be too much to add Project 365 to the list or should I start an additional blog!? haha I realise you aren’t an agony aunt sorry!

    • Cassie says:

      Haha, I think you should do whatever your heart desires (that’s what my dad always says and it is absolutely no help at all). Why not add it to your blog…I have a crazy blog of my ramblings (mostly books though) and I’m not sure any blog has to have a real “theme.” I call my blog the Seinfeld Episode because it is literally about nothing…I just say whatever I want. And that’s what you can do on your little space of internet : ) So, my personal opinion is to pile everything you can into your one blog, and get a flickr. That’s my plan – I plan to have a flickr reel on my blog so people can see my pictures as I post them there, or wait till Sunday and see it on my blog (the seven for that week). If you decide to post yours on Sunday as well – I’ll link to you! And share your photos as well so everyone who does Project 365 that I know…at least, can be seen from here too! That way it’s a community effort. Yea? Hope this helps – I think I just ranted on and on.

      • Everyday Scrawlings says:

        Thanks very much Cassie, you’ve really helped me! Great suggestions :) Obviously i’ll start the project come January 1st and I think I’ll also have a Flickr reel on my blog to show the photos, but your Sunday idea sounds excellent and I think I will follow you in doing that too. It would be lovely of you to link to me and I will of course return the favour, the community effort is always the most fun!
        Is it just me or does all of this sound so exciting? Haha thanks again for your help, you’ve been great!

  8. Everyday Scrawlings says:

    Thanks very much Cassie, you’ve really helped me! Great suggestions :) Obviously i’ll start the project come January 1st and I think I’ll also have a Flickr reel on my blog to show the photos, but your Sunday idea sounds excellent and I think I will follow you in doing that too. It would be lovely of you to link to me and I will of course return the favour, the community effort is always the most fun!
    Is it just me or does all of this sound so exciting? Haha thanks again for your help, you’ve been great!

  9. lapetiteveg says:

    I just read found your blog and am absolutely loving it! So much great book advice. Also, congrats for your half-marathon goals! You already seem to have a great choice in workout music (I usually go for the same kind of theme…). Good luck with your resolutions! (speaking of which… i need to make mine.)

    • Cassie says:

      Well, thank you! And thanks for the half-marathon encouragement – I’m definitely going to need it and glad to know I’m not alone in the run-music, haha. Let me know when you write yours so I can motivate as well. : )

  10. tshang says:

    Hi I am also participating in Project 365 for 2012 (Photograph and share the story of a Veteran a Day).

    I have added you to my blogroll and look forward to watching your blog all year long. =)

    • Cassie says:

      Awesome! I will be sure to share you as well when I post photos for the week on Sundays. Your take on it sounds really wonderful. I can’t wait to read a few veteran stories through your blog.

  11. kaysootee says:

    Also looking forward to this year’s new goals (I did a ‘start working on this goal/project’ for each month in 2011)…I started a list for this year – giving myself this month to work on finalizing it – and have to do a recap/wrapup of last year so I have a better sense of what I’ve accomplished. Turns out I like feeling accomplished!

    A half-marathon is an excellent choice. I ran one a couple years ago after not having run anywhere for years (knee surgery sort of put me off that for a long time). Thinking of doing another one as an excuse – next fall – for visiting Marquette, MI. Looks pretty! I should run through it! That’s my excuse, anyway.

    Ooh! And the 365 project is something I want to do, too. I feel like it’s going to end up being just pictures of my rabbits, though. I guess I need to think about that one some more. :)

    • Cassie says:

      Don’t worry mine will definitely turn into just pictures of my cat….like everything else in my life. And that’s really wonderful about the marathon – I never thought to look up marathons in places that I might want to run through or visit. I’m going to start googling as soon as I finish this comment and sign up for one somewhere I’d like to see. You have TOTALLY inspired me, so thank you!

  12. re1ativelyhuman says:

    Cassie, that’s a great goal I did Hood to Coast last year as part of a relay team after dropping 30 pounds and it was a ton of fun. Also, I don’t think your alone with that whole wanting to look better then the ex thing. When I dropped all the weight it was in the back of my mind and getting healthy so I can be around for my son for a long time. I recommend Lil Wayne/Eminem’s song No Love, man it got me through a lot of junk emotions.

    • Cassie says:

      I do love Eminem and Lil Wayne – who knew they had a song together?! Not me. I’m so excited to get on youtube and hear that immediately after I type this. And thank you for the encouragement – I definitely need it. Plus, glad to know I’m not alone in the revenge running, haha.


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