Newsday Tuesday:

While I’m patiently waiting on the premier of this season’s teen mom, I realized I hadn’t yet informed my viewing population of the book news for this week.  It was a doozy (do I sound like your grandma yet)?  So let’s just get started…

  • Tate Liverpool has an Alice in Wonderland exhibit starting soon, but even better if you’re geographically undesirable to the museum, you can go on the web exhibit made for children and play games (like how do you connect these mazes of teacups).  The link is here.  If nothing else, click it because it’s beautifully done.
  • Authors on Free Speech here.
  • 1959 recording of Flannery O’Connor reading “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”  If this doesn’t completely turn you on, I don’t know what will. I just imagine a girl with a steady pin on her sweater and Mary Jane shoes.  Or, I picture what my grandfather’s mother would sound like, raised as she was in Gainesville, Florida with the Spanish Moss and confederate flags.
  • For my Catholics out there or anyone interested in Sainthood, Martyrdom, or Nunnery, check out this new memoir on working with Mother Theresa.  Personally, and I’m being totally serious, I think I could live in a nunnery if I didn’t have to pray all of the time, but then…isn’t it just a jail or a place of isolation?  There’s got to be solid relationships formed amongst the women though.  I have my questions…
  • NYC has posted Haiku’s as road signs.  I believe I had this idea two weeks ago at a networking function.  Haiku Curbside makes me proud to be an American.  Example here:

Curbside Haiku


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