Newsday Tuesday:

It’s that time again folks for the weekly newscast of newsday tuesday, bringing you all the most interesting articles (to me) about books, book business, book reviews, and the written word (ouuuu, ahhh).  I’m Cassie, and I’ll be your host this evening, this is a very large microphone that is very close to my mouth and it makes me nervous, but I’m going to try to not show you that on television.  I’m secretly hoping you can see the sparkle in my eyes like Brian Williams, but I am a woman newscaster and so they give me the shaft on positions, and I’m not in HD.  Now for the news:

This is my favorite picture from the Star Books Occupy Library:

  •  In other news, OccuPoetry has begun.  It is a literary magazine (sort of), it’s more of a poetry movement declaring social and economic injustice.  Here is the website for that.
  • The newest poem (and one of my favorites read aloud, go to the website to hear it)

Welfare Diet
by Louie Crew

The rich taste good with pepper and salt.
Don’t waste thyme, rosemary, or sage;
cayenne’s enough. It’s not their fault
they’re bland or fat. It’s the age.
Stay their hearts with Louis Vuitton
strips; baste them with buttered blood.
Roast and serve. Soften in brine
their necks, then boil. Next flood
with garlic these briskets. Press
cloves with salvaged dentures.
Kabob their balls with mushrooms.
Eschew more exotic adventures.
The rich taste good with pepper and salt.
Don’t waste thyme, rosemary, or sage;
cayenne’s enough. It’s not their fault
they’re bland or fat. It’s the age.


  • Forbes has released an article about Penguin limiting E-books and librarians are roaring (like the lions at the entrance of NY Public Library.
  • Favorite news worthy piece: Bad Sex Awards for Worst Sex Scenes.  It’s like putting a million tan and muscular models in a room where they dip and sway with blondes (whose blouses happen to be just one button short of appropriate)…wait, these are the authors who go to awards right? So instead just imagine women who rub their feet together before bed instead of rubbing up against a man (or woman) who is emanating body heat and smelling of everyday sweat.  (A few of these books have won big awards?  Looks like if you’re winning a Nobel Prize, you probably haven’t had a sex scene that isn’t out of a high school bedroom, BAM! Just kidding…I’d love to win a Nobel Prize and give up…other things.  There’s always sexting right? Har Har).
  • Diablo Cody is taking on SWEET VALLEY HIGH.   My middle school heart is putting on its cheerleading skirt and grabbing the pom-poms from the back crack of my closet and cheering.  It may also be wearing too-bright white sneakers.  (This has seriously made my whole day).
  • Stephen King is always an interesting interview, listen here.
  • Just a stellar article on the plight of the mainstream novelist by Warren Adler, a prominent novelist.
  • Advice on what to do post midnight on the final day of NaNoWriMo, after the pumpkin has turned back into a blank sheet of paper and the glass shoe of your climax is lost.  See the encouraging advice here.
  • My trying to save the library via my blog. (Please at least try to read this one if you love your local library).
  • Q & A with Merwin.  I already had one of these about a month ago.  I almost peed myself, it was documented on the blog.
  • Everyone is talking about this book, so, here is the LA Times Review because it is too long for me to actually accomplish a review myself.
  • NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2010. Just in case you’re one of those people who likes to read through lists (unlike me).  Good on ya!
  • I completely agree that THIS is the cure for writer’s block.
  • Nikki Finney won a National Book Award and I told ya’ll to read that book ages ago.  So basically, I’m a genius.  My review and further rambles can be found here.
  • NPR does Kurt Vonnegut, listen here.
  • Talk of the Nation does a segment on “lost in translation” and translating from Russian to English and back again.
  • Not exactly book news, but Pixar is creating a movie that doesn’t involve a girl being a princess…which I like, in fact, I love.  She also has red hair, as most non-princesses do.  Here is the trailer for Brave.

And that’s it for news this week, join us next week, I’m Cassie and this is my invisible friend.  Over & Out.

3 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday:

  1. Linda says:

    Please remove my photo of the Toronto occupy library. It is copyrighted and Tumblr puts it on its own server when you link it. I lose all ownership of the photo when you do that. Please. xlinda

    • Cassie says:

      Linda — that’s fine, I didn’t get it off of tumblr though. I got it off of Occupy’s photo website (on flickr) which keeps photos copyrighted to the owner who posts them when they’re posted on a blog. I would have been happy to put your as the photographer as well. Have a good day.


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