My First Christmas Parade

Today the weirdest members of my family went to the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

Here are the photos:

The essence of my gene pool.

Even those guys from Star Wars were there/Some ridiculous holiday cars.

Skating Rink float

That nephew I'm always talking about.

The North Carolina Beauty Queens

Animal in a drum. Yes, North Carolina has giant balloons. Maybe not four-thousand, but enough. :)


Oh ya know, Just American Idols Last Winner Staring at Me. (eeeeeee!)

The Nutcracker

Family <3

Best Marching Band Shot

Only in North Carolina...seriously.


My Sweetie :)


How this all relates to books, I haven’t figured that out, but surely the giant potty represents the bowel movements.  Hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, but refraining from the music too early.

3 thoughts on “My First Christmas Parade

  1. Bea Mannes says:

    We always say there is too much potty conversation in our house, and then you go to a parade, and there is one giant toilet. Go figure!!
    The pictures are great, and love the shot of Scotty looking at you….eeeeeeeh!

  2. Tom Baker says:

    I can’t believe how crisp and clear the images are even when I clicked on the big size. I’m a first time visitor and it was your blogs name that got me here. I hope my blog’s name doesn’t keep you away mine.

    • Cassie says:

      Haha, your blogs name is quite different than any I’ve seen, but you can’t judge a blog by a name. :) I’ll be sure to take a look tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!


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