Cat’s Geekery and Do-Gooding

So, earlier today…instead of writing a stupid, stupid, stupid blog post about the fair, and all its many fried activities (some of you may have seen pictures up for a while, but I later deleted them), I have spent the day watching television on my laptop.  This. is. the. first. day. I’ve. been. off. in. well….months. Or…more?  I’m not too sure, I’m kind of one of those people who’s a freak at doing. (Doing is the correct end of that sentence).

Anyway, I’m talking inside of my head very strangely and then it’s coming out to you guys very strangely because I just discovered one of my old friends, Cat, has a youtube channel where she raises money, talks about nerdom (or geekery) and just discusses the world at large in which you live.  So, being that you also live in the same small bubble of earth as her (and not on Mars, as you don’t have slimy, green skin) you should probably check this out.  (Maybe donate to ALS if you have some money or you haven’t reached your charity quota for the month).  I just spent a good hour listening to her because I’m obsessed and sitting in bed with a giant orange, angry pig that the boy I’m dating thought would be cool to take off someone at the fair.  (He actually took a banana from someone … well traded, it was kind of a barter system, and then traded that again with pure honesty to the carnie for this large flaming pig).  I’ll do a video with the pig since I’m so inspired by Cat. And you should be too, so here’s a video for you to start your afternoon visit with her youtube channel.

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