Buffalo Zoo & Beyond

I know a lot of people might not have the hopes and love for the Crumbling factory City of Buffalo, NY (or their football team for that matter), however, I am in love with this city.  My mother grew up just outside of the city, my parents met at the corner grocery store.  My father using that classic line, “I just love to watch you walk away on my mother, which ultimately made her disgusting, but fall for the old fart in his electrically matching polo outfits).  Every time we come up here we stock up on the delectable treat that is the peanut stick (if you have not experienced this, Blasdell or Bella Pizza, Rocko’s Taco’s or a real, copyrighted, patented Buffalo wing..these are all reasons to come to this spectacular city).  I’m also not one to enjoy big cities (I almost shit a brick in DC because people were rude, the heels of women were constantly clicking along the cement, and my fiction professor once told me a story that the first person she talked to at a DC train station started spouting off about her newly found faith even though she looked quite normal).  So, the City of Buffalo (as is the City of Oaks) just the perfect ol’ size for my country-girl, John Deere bumper-sticker mentality.

As I write this, I’m eating Kalua Cheesecake, so please excuse me if I ramble, or rumble (pun intended).  Also, I’m constantly interrupting to lick my silver spoon clean, so be aware this blog may get jumpy.  Buckle up.  (YUM!)

But anyway, yesterday my Aunt and I went to the Buffalo Zoo which is actually one of my favorite zoos as of now.  It doesn’t beat my Florida Zoo where my brother used to work in the alligator sewage and muck.  But, I’ve been to the NC Zoo, the Sydney Harbor Zoo, The DC Zoo, the Buffalo Zoo, and my favorite Florida Zoo.  So, I’m definitely not a zoo genius or anything, a zoo extraordinaire or something.  Why can’t I think of this damn word?

My aunts distracting me by taking the birds out and letting them play with my hair.  Sunburst (who’s a Sun Conure) likes to bury herself in my curls.  She also loves men (we know because she sings real pretty to men and likes to pick their stubs of facial hair).  She’s beautiful, but sqauwky.  She also goes with this blog post because it’s about animals.  My aunt also has an array of random animals.  Elsa, the Staffordshire Bull Terrior who used to do dog shows and so she knows just how pretty she actually is and therefore thinks she deserves all of my spoiling rubs.  She has another bird named “Silly Girl” who is a Cockatoo with rosy pink cheeks and a delicate personality.  Then, come the fish and lastly, the sugar glider (which I learned yesterday was a marsupial like a kangaroo so he instantly reminds me of Australia).  His name is lil’ shit and he likes to hide under covers, hold on to my hand and eat crisp granny apples.

My aunt drunkly decided to give him to me on Friday night, so just get ready mom and faj…

Moving on though, sheesh. I’m totally distracted today.  I just wanted to share some quick photos of the Buffalo Zoo.  These include the synchonrized swimming polar bears, the armadillo skinned rhinos, the giraffes and their purple tongues and the “Roll over, Roll over” mice.  I liked this zoo because I felt like I got to get closer to the animals than any other zoo.  Not that you want to be particularly close to a polar bear.  He did look warm and fuzzy like a Coke commercial though when he was diving under the water and letting his one paw rise out of the pool like a child’s submarine.  He also posed quite candidly for my pictures.  Now, if Playboy was taking pictures, I’m not so sure he’d be the same.

Here are just a few:

My new friend, Mrs. Giraffe. She just had a baby so she was quite curious about this curly-haired woman snapping flashing lights at her. (Cue: Kanye West).

The smart one...

Sweet love of mine

The life and times of Harry the Bear (Polar that is).

Meerkat family gathering.

Oscar and Oscette (I'm totally naming them myself, this has nothing to do with the zoo).

I know this is behind a cage and makes this look terrible, but this monkey wanted to show everyone what he/she was packin'. So, I let it.

Last one, a baby and a momma, because I miss mine. :)

I’ll write about books, writing and education again soon.  But everyone needs a vacation right?

5 thoughts on “Buffalo Zoo & Beyond

  1. Cassie says:

    Haha totally meant meerkat. Although, me and my aunt had a lengthy discussion about whether it was “meekrat” haha…

    Weird, because I’ve totally watched the discovery channel on meerkats and stuff. But thank you for noticing! :)

  2. bea mannes says:

    No, you can’t bring the sugar glider home, so don’t try it! Right now, I am taking care of your cat, and that is plenty.
    As for the blog, we really enjoyed the animal pics, and your love of the Buffalo Zoo.
    Travel safely Gladys.

  3. Brenda says:

    Yes, everyone needs a break. Also, this is your corner of the world. Great photos, too. I always feel so badly for the Tigers at zoos. I know they’d be happier in the wild. A personal thing… Have fun!

    • Cassie says:

      Ah! I couldn’t agree more about the animals. I was actually really happy with the Buffalo Zoo because around every corner they had signs for wildlife conservation and reasons why zoos are good places for some animals that are extremely endangered. Plus, when I saw those two lions nuzzle each other, I was jumping for joy because at least their habitat isn’t limiting their love (even if it was really small…too small to run probably).

      Thank you for commenting!


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