X,Y&Z, The Lepers of the Alphabet

First off, did anyone know XYZ stands for a famous affair…check it out: here.  Also if you ever google image x, y and z – all it comes up with is math problems that you will inevitable never be able to solve in the comfort of your own pink, flower sheets.

I’ve been sitting here for days, part not wanting this challenge to end with the last three letters looming over my head (I had a little too much non-meat Easter food over Easter celebrations and had to rest for a few days) and I’ve finally come up with a blog that covers all three of my caboose alphabet letters.  I also had some very inspiring blueberry tea from NOFO to help do the trick.

The letters X,Y, and Z are the letters that no one wants.  I mean think about it.  All the “too bad for teen eyes, lady eyes and small animal eyes” movies are rated X.  X is the letter of porn stars, pirates, and extreme winter sports gurus like Shaun White.

Then there’s Y.  Y is the one mixed-race, mixed-gender, outcast alphabet letter.  It is both a consonant and a vowel at the same time, but always one or the other.  It has to argue with the other letters about its’ rights to stand in as a vowel occasionally.  It has to live as two people in an alphabet of haters.  He can only sometimes be a vowel.  Imagine if you could only sometimes be a female, or sometimes be black, or sometimes have hair.  That’s a struggle.

And Z.  Everyone wants to associate him with an animal that is striped.   Z is the caboose.  Z isn’t as excruciating as X, but it still has a pretty bad reputation for being a scrabble stickler.  You may get ten points, but you will also lose your mind, phone a friend, and cheat with google while trying to find a word that has a z in it and fits that triple letter spot.

And after all is said and done, all I really care to talk about is this challenge.  Although, I took longer than April and like many other challenges in my life, I tended to slack a bit when it came to getting down and dirty with letters like X and Q.  But, throughout the entire challenge, I really thought about my own writing.  I really went through my days with my mini-rhinoceros notebook in my purse thinking about what I could blog about.  I would be reading a thrilling novel and then take one look at the bookmark (which is most likely the back of my library receipt) and have an idea about what I would blog for that letter and scribble down random diddles (like doodles, but with words) onto the bookmark.  I think my mom thought this was cute because she hung one on my “Corkboard of Important Things & Dings.”  This challenge gave me something to do when I was stuck being lab monitor at work.  It made me want to rise to something in my writing so that each letter would be just as good as the last.  It sent me searching through the internet, stalking random webpages of other bloggers and tumblr to find pictures, or letters or anything that fit my subject, my letter, my life.   I think it’s fair to say that next April I will do this again.  I think my writing has become better because of this blogging challenge and I think I read more blogs from other people than I have ever done before (and that is effort, because I’m selfish and a horrible networker).

So, A is for Applause for completing this challenge.  B is for I probably made a baffoon of myself along the way.  C is for all the flecks of crust you received about my life that you may not have wanted to know.  D is for driving myself to drink over blog ideas.  E is for everyone I’ve met, made comments to, or has commented my blog along the way.  F is for (corny) the fire to write that is now even more burning inside me.  G is for this damn good blueberry tea I’m drinking to get me through this last blog for the challenge.  H is for high-five, we did it!  I is for I am finished, yo.  J is for just kidding, there were letters in the alphabet you didn’t even know existed – and then there’s the greek alphabet.  K is for totally kidding, I couldn’t do this another month if I tried.  L is for laughing at myself for writing this idiotic list.  M is for more, more, more, more.  N is for no more, no more, no more, no more.  O is for Oh Jesus, I stopped making sense four half-sentences ago.  P is for pooped out from trying to blog everyday.  Q is for I’m the Queen of the A to Z blogging challenge.  R is for running a blogging marathon.  S is for so many blogs, so little time.  T is for I am TOO much of a hot mess right now to even be doing this.  Seriously, you should see the odd-shaped bun on the top of my head.  U is for you ain’t done with me yet, I’ll have novels soon with my name on the book crack.  V is very, very good mistro.  W is for WINNING! X is for all the porn stars that I chose not to give a shout out too in this blog.  Y is for all the people who are left out or bullied, Y is for YOU.  And Z, my lonely friend at the end of the train…Ze End.

2 thoughts on “X,Y&Z, The Lepers of the Alphabet

  1. Chris says:

    you seemed to have left the best for last, well done. I also debate that Z could ultimately be one of the best letters… if you combine him with his friends and then you get SLEEP! “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”


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