R is for Reminder

I think a lot of times we have to remind each other about how our actions are affecting other things that may be much bigger then our complicated existence.  I think if I owned a telescope and looked at how large the universe is just through my telescope (obviously larger even and filled with faraway lands of big-headed aliens with eyes that grope into their foreheads and probing E.T. fingers.  They probably fly at the speed of light and have robots that only they know the language of.  And Darth is somewhere out there too probably just regenerating himself like Voldermort did for a while with his evil posse).

I’m off subject.  On Easter morning when I wake up, I run downstairs much like Christmas and I dig through the chocolate in my basket.  (My brother is still getting baskets and he’s 38 and has a wife and child so I can hope to get a basket for at least fifteen more years if the rules of heir and spare continue to hold up for me).  So, I obviously gain at least six pounds and spend the afternoon chasing my nephew and dreading walking, or getting on the bike later.  But, those Reese’s eggs are totally worth it.  They’re only out at Easter and they’re the perfect shape and size for genuine deliciousness.  Then, there’s the Cadbury eggs, oh God.  I can’t eat too many of them because they give me five-minute cavities, but damn if they’re not scrumptious.

Anyway, earlier today I learned that my chocolate obsession is ruining rain forests.  That means all my fight for animals all over the world with the World Wildlife Foundation is good for nothing because I’m letting their lands and homes be just devastated.  Just picture for a minute, a baby blue bird, just cracked out of his shell and he’s wailing with his beak open like your mouth with two pringles, and his eyes aren’t even fully opened and then, someone just flicks him to the ground.  His face is shoved up against the sidewalk crack.  His post-shell body is broken and there’s no hope for his survival.  Even the worms are laughing.

Well, my chocolate habit is doing that to tigers, monkeys, birds, reptiles, orangutans.  I’m not saying…boycott Chocolate all together because thankfully a New Zealand Zoo has created a list of chocolate that is used with palm oil instead of killing animal homes and rainforest areas.  Here’s the website for this: http://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/media/784066/palm_oil_free_easter_goodie_guide.pdf

If you want to read anymore on this, just go here: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/chocolate-is-killing-orangutans-and-tigers.html

Also today…my dads 75th birthday!

So we all went out to dinner and had a family celebration for the old man of the house.  My nephew is always telling my dad he has “old toes…” now it’s no joke.  He’s lived an entire centennial celebration.  He’s lived as long as some of the comets take to come back around to earth with their firework tails.  I like to claim he’s pre-industrial.  So everyone say a quick air wiring,  “Happy Birthday” to my dad in their thoughts today.

There will be a better post tomorrow, I promise, since the last two have pretty much sucked.  Usually, I can write, but then you just have off days.

2 thoughts on “R is for Reminder

  1. bea mannes says:

    A centennial is 100 years, so he has a way to go, but he does have old toes!
    I agree with your first paragraph, what we do most certainly affects the universe and the people in it. R for reminder does alot for all of us. We can stop and think about our actions, and using another R word, we can reprogram, renounce, or realize the consequences. Looking forward to the next post.


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