Today I felt like a child of divorced parents.  First, my mom wanted me to go father-birthday shopping which basically meant Big & Tall section of Kohl’s and then later my dad wanted to go get Harry Potter Part 1 Ending at Target because I’m starting to think he either has a movie fetish or he’s a movie hoarder – but that’s a whole other blog.  So, I went on two mini-car trips and got myself a few things, including a watermelon-colored cactus – known as a moon cactus that reminds me of the Great Barrier Reef and therefore, I’m obsessed with it.  I’ve been petting its’ smooth parts.

That made me sound like I have a cactus fetish – hah.  My cat was pure evil today because he gets really territorial (anyone have any solutions to this) and I was cleaning out our room today (aka my devastating closet) and he got territorial.  Obviously, he doesn’t realize that I don’t clean for ANYONE, and that he should thank me because I’m a woman… cleaning.  So, I learned today that you can actually water cacti and that my cat is masogynist.  (I put masochist there and I was like…that doesn’t look right and then I started to google “word for man who..” and “word for man who hates women” was one of the first five results in the scroll down bar.  That’s a sad fact of todays’ google.

Without further adieu or rambling: HERE is my beautiful cactus: (yes, I took artsy-fartsy pictures of my cactus)…

The Cactus rocking

The cactus in the window.

The cactus looking like spiky coral.

Stay tuned for the naming of the cactus. (It will obviously start with N, because we’re going to be festive).

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