J is for Jack

Forward: If you’ve never been sung a lullaby of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by a three-year-old to begin a nap, then you’re leading a sad and lonely life.

Conveniently on this “J” day (which rhymes, hah),  I spent the day with my mom and nephew at the Museum of Life and Science (it sounds more boring than it actually is).  It’s one of my favorite museums because it has drums made out of fire extinguishers, a butterfly house, fake dinosaurs that they actually allow anyone to climb on (even adults), a sound room for kids to jump around and their bouncing makes funky, soul, music (yes, I partook) and of course, everyone’s favorite, the pole that you rub and it becomes a tornado.  I know, I know, TOO cool.

My nephew is in that whiny stage where if he doesn’t get what he wants, he fake cries for a little bit and then forgets for five minutes, then starts up again, and forgets and remembers and forgets.   It’s like a ten-minute reminder of why I’m on birth control, pretty much.  Here’s your birth-control for the day, spend a day with your brother’s kid!  Otherwise, he’s wonderful.  We did a little sing-a-long to “Burn, baby, burn, Disco Inferno” in the car while we waited for mom and he’s probably the only three-year-old who can sing “Rock and Roll Highschool” and “I Want to be Sedated” on cue.  So, needless to say, it’s a good time hanging out with him, when I don’t have to watch him every two seconds and I can just enjoy him, enjoying a museum.

And of course, I brought out the big camera for the first time in months and snapped a few photos of our day.

Hint: I'm the big one next to the little one in red.

Getting ready for an epic train ride. Beware Fellow Museum Goers if you get the crazy train conductor, he's got a lead foot.

Quintessential Train Ride Face

Grandma and The Boy with The Train

Just a few photos from the Butterfly House. Unfortunately, none landed on my head for a photo-op.

I have been doing a few short blogs these past two days so don’t worry, tomorrow will be like an epic novel.  Whenever I do figure out what I’m going to do with this pesky letter “k.”  Hmph.

4 thoughts on “J is for Jack

  1. bea mannes says:

    Youth is such a wonderful thing to participate in and especially to watch. It is something special to see things through the eyes of a 3 year old. All things are new and exciting. You remember how great a flower can smell or how fascinating a ladybug really is, she can cause a huge crowd of little ones to circle about her in awe.
    No matter how bad your day, month, or life in general is going, you can forget it all when you are with a child.
    So glad you came with us today on our field trip to the museum, and I hope it stirred some wonder into your life.


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