How I Feel about Nonsense and Library Book Marginalia

Let me sort through a list of the things I could be doing other then this blog:

  1. Peeing, which I am actually about to do, right now…and still continue to type with my pants down, ass on the cold porcelain and humming, because who doesn’t like to hum while they pee.  Pee music. Have I exhausted this topic yet?
  2. Continuing to stew on the quote, “God is love.  But Lucifer does that thing with his tongue.”  I mean damn, if that doesn’t make a fucking (pardon my french) poem, I don’t know what will.  Soon after this blog I will try my damn near hardest to complete a poem that lives up to that phrase.
  3. Watching Dateline with my dad downstairs about murderous girls who both are dating/sleeping with/sleeping over/ canoodling the same high school boy who and I quote, “ignores them in the hallway after sleeping with them the night before.”  Earlier, I introduced my parents to “The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe” rule after looking at yearbook photos of each of the girls.  It’s impolite to talk about the dead that way.  I will use the excuse that I’m a poet and discuss the dead with my journal all the time.
  4. Washing my hair?  Because isn’t that the old rule to avoid a date?  And the only dates I have are clearly with this blog, so I could … wash my hair.  It’s not you, it’s me – I like to…smell like “Vanilla Rose” have “frizz control” and thanks to Herbal Essences know what kind of kiss is the most popular in the US, it’s french.
  5. Making earrings.  I wore an excellent pair of floppy disk earrings today(An Abby Samelak creation).  I feel it’s necessary to come up with something just as creative for my next pair of earrings, but I’m on a creative stunt.
  6. Reading twitter, more specifically stalking Rachel McAdams’, Taylor Swift’s and Snooki’s latest Twitpics.  I rarely tweet.
  7. Doing either of these plinky prompts: “Describe your favorite place to drive” or “What broken relationship do you wish you could restore?”  Both HIGHLY mind blowing, at least my mind.  Short answer: I like to drive on the back country roads behind my house (Carpenter’s Pond). Short answer 2:  Do I chose a boy or a girl here?  Uh, none of the above.
  8. Not making this list and write an actual blog to stop boring those who actually read this.

I completed this list on the toilet.  Just in case you wanted that to come full circle.  I’m also avoiding finishing the book, “On Beauty” by Zadie Smith because I know that I’m at the point in the book that I won’t stop until I finish it and that will keep me up another two-hundred pages.  These library books get me every time because you know they’re due in three weeks so you eat them, rather than read them.  You just tear a few pages out each day, and chew endlessly, like when you chew carrots and listen for the crunch.  Us readers are really just large versions of bunnies.  I’ve been chewing the pages, gnawing on the pencil I’m marking them with (because it’s a library book and you have to be polite to future readers….my ass).  I don’t know if you’re like me at all on this one, but I like a book that comes with a note in the beginning…something like…

“To Michelle, thanks for stealing my boyfriend, here’s a book that’s going to make you feel like the shit you are. Sincerely, God Shaped Hole & Melissa”

I also like books with heavily detailed margin notes.  I like to hear what other people thought of that page.  If I like a quote, I’d like to know someone else pulled that little jiffy out and stuck in their pocket for further meals later.

The only downside to marginalia (also the title of an exceptional poem) is that once someone else’s thoughts are placed in your head about something, do your own thoughts ever appear or are you just trying to a. argue against their thoughts with your own or b. agreeing?  Is their any fresh thought I guess I’m asking?  Who knows really.

I like to leave some of the page on my lip so I can wrap my tongue around the crack of my mouth and lick up the crumbs of vowels, tasting them in my gums.

I’m getting poetic, it might be writing time for the night.  I might need to pick up some old Laux’ exercises and seize the moment.  I haven’t written in a very long time.  I think these are what my blogs consist of these days, me complaining that I’m not writing and yet, still hoping for graduate school admission.

On other subjects, I want to write more love letters.

Sugar free apple juice is disgusting and leaves you desert thirsty.

Tiffany DeBartelo writes damn good poetry on her blog (not to mention her novels changed my life).

I miss myspace, and being of age to still have the ability for appropriate kissy pictures.

And those are lists, and a peak into how my brain jumps from subjects to around the rim, and dunks.

8 thoughts on “How I Feel about Nonsense and Library Book Marginalia

  1. sarah says:

    brilliant. I foresee some good writing coming out of you and into one of those million crazy journals of yours tonight. Also, thanks to you, Tiffanie DeBartelo changed my life as well. I just spent a significant amount of time on her blog. Love it. Love you.

    • cassiemannes says:

      I’m so glad you’re on my team. love you too. And I can’t wait to pick out some NZ prints to send some cash over there when I get paid Thursday nights. Please remind me, but insistent e-mails that you’re doing this. And if you want me too, I’ll post something on my blog/tumblr. Love you, her blog is magic – so glad you looked at it.

  2. Tiffanie DeBartolo says:

    thanks for the kudos.
    i love the quote about god and lucifer so much i am going to post it on my facebook page today.

    xoxo T

    • cassiemannes says:

      I had a mini-heart attack that you commented on my blog just now and told all the teens at the teen center I work at, out loud, in a Justin Beiber fan type of way. I don’t know how many times I’ve recommended God Shaped Hole and How to Kill a Rockstar to my friends, but I’m kind of obsessed with your books.

      Now that I’ve successfully reached my pre-teen-feelings quota for the day – THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!

  3. Cari says:

    Good luck with the writing, Cass! (My phone auto corrected ‘luck’ to ‘lick’, thought it was appropriate, so thought I should share).

  4. Holly Mason says:

    Wow! Cass, this is great! I can honestly say I enjoyed every single word I read. and I’m about to go check out Tiffanie’s blog. (just more procrastination from the 18th Century British Novel I should have finished last thursday…)


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