The First-Day-Off-in-Two-Weeks Blog

Wow, my life is on supercharge, and for me that’s insane.  I don’t think I’ve been alone with myself and my own thoughts for quite some time now and this may or may not be causing me to go absolutely out of my mind.  Which actually makes sense here….I’ve been spending so much time with other people, I haven’t had time to sit inside the little crawl space of my mind for quite some time.  Hello, Basement! Hello, dead and dusty bugs who once lived down here! Hello, neuron electrical wires that I would never be able to fix or turn off in case of an emergency!

I’m about to start a new notebook, my lovely friend Abby sent me a notebook that has pictures of stout men, sharks and trees on it.  It’s in really earth-tone colors too and so I’m excited about using new pens to cover it all up, what I’m not excited about, is when I make a mistake and then stop using the notebook.  Hello, Capricorn, hello, crazy.

What I really wanted to blog about was mostly my brother’s show, my adorable nephew and things no one cares about I suppose.  On Friday night, my older brother’s band, Ouroboros had a rock show at The Dive Bar downtown (On Glenwood and Hillsborough) and so a bit of my family and a few of my friends went out in order to support.  You have to support your aging (old man) brother’s dreams of becoming a rock star even when he’s ninety…(or 39).  I know he secretly reads this occasionally and so I’m hoping he sees this one because he didn’t answer back to my e-mail when I sent a bunch of pictures from the show to him.  Brothers, what can you do with them?  Only wish piles of evil children on them – that’s what! Which explains the evil genius of my nephew, all my wishes and dreams have come true.

Cute Nephew Thing of the Week:  He has a body pillow in his crib and he calls it “princess” and he claims he loves it and it loves him, “she” I guess, and that he’s going to marry “her” even though she has hairy armpits and toenails and she smells like stinky farts all day.  True story.  I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too.  Second cutest thing, he makes me tell him this made-up story I told him before nap time the other day about a family of Grapes on a journey to Maine.  For a sneak peak on my disgusting, children’s books future check out this teaser….

There’s a family of four grapes, the mom has frizzy hair and a facial mole, the father has a mustache and ten-gallon hat, the brother is molding, the sister is purple (and therefore weird) and the normal one is supposedly named “Jack” after my nephew, even though he’s a lot of weird too.

The book jacket will make this sound a lot more professional, just trust me.  JK Rowling, Rohl Dahl and Shel Silverstein, EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

Here are a few photos of my nephew for you to get the full image of this half-complete story:

For a price, his retro glasses and Shealy lips will sing "Rock and Roll High School" and "I want to be sedated" at your child's next birthday party.

He is also the King of the World, not to be confused with Leo.

And we obviously look cute, he more semi-drunk, together on our Valentine's day date.

Onto more exciting news, even though I pick on my brother a lot because we’re too far in age difference to be picked on while in high school and such (even though in college he’d totally tell our mother when he thought I was really hungover, ugh)…he’s a great musician.  Like, he’s seriously talented (I know I sound like a Justin Beiber fan, with my “like totally” voice, but I’m serious).  He could probably be really famous somewhere and signing autographs, and taking weird, colorful photos in memory of The Beatles and have a contract with someone who will produce many-a-cd for his band and make him have elaborate dinner parties, with caviar and finger food.  BUT, like myself, my brother isn’t very good at networking (neither of us really got the “sucking up” or the “I’m going to pretend I like you, just so you can like me and put me in a better position in life” gene.  So, with that issue set aside, his musical talent far surpasses that of a hole-in-the-wall-studio band.  As does his band.  For a bunch of old fogies, they’ve really got something goin’ on, and I don’t even like metal music.  His singer plays in barefeet, I think that’s a good enough side note because my friend Nat found it really offensive and I found it really, “feel the grass on your toes” so take it as you will.

The other thing about this night is that I have done the unbelievable and  hooked up two of my very close friends with one another.  I know they say never do this because then you have to pick a team and you fall into a Twilight Saga battle over whether to go tan and fit Jacob, or pale, sparkly, delish, gel-sculpted, smoldering chiseled jaw Edward.  (Is it obvious who I chose?)… Anyway, these two friends are actually both…REALLY close friends, like I can’t really categorize them as any different.  I’ve known Drew basically my entire existence as myself (as in, when I discovered myself semi-enough in my teenage years) and I’ve know him through every ride-or-die-bitch he’s dated, which was way too many.  I also have a fond affinity for his mother and father.  Nat I met through a church function called Search that basically changed our lives, and for me felt a lot bigger in high school then it does now.  Eh. Not getting into that one.  But, her and I are kind of on the same wavelength in life and we fit together, and I think we were supposed to be friends because we just … believe the same sort of things in the most non-judgmental kind of way.  Basically, if you knew both of them, you’d also know they’re perfect for one another and I believe I captured their first picture (unless Nat whipped out her camera on their second date, which she is prone to do) as a hot duo.  So, without further ado, here are my friends and my brother in all their glory:

I think my friend Cat will enjoy seeing this photo for the memories, but also ... is this not the cutest couple picture ever?

I didn't say these would be good photos.

She might stab me one good time for putting this up, but I'll take that gushing of blood because I look damn good. And that's selfishness for ya.

Oh yea! And my family was there! And they bought me drinks! And they were wonderful! And I love them! And this could have no more possible exclamation points!

In case you weren't aware, in order to try to rock out, I wore some spectacular tights bought on clearance from Kohls. This is the time in one's life for that. We're all dying in a year and a half anyway.

Now onto brother:


Sweet poses, right in the middle of it. The singer looks like he's in great despair.

There’s one REALLY solid photo of my brother with his eyes closed, lookin’ all drunk and mystified by the music and the speed at which his fingers are playing, BUT in effort to not be THAT sister, I won’t be putting that photo up on my blog, even though I’d really like too.  You guys can just imagine that one for yourself.

I have three more books until there’s another book review blog (the last twenty I’ve read) and so that will be coming up soon, as will many more updates on my not-so-Australian-after-life.  Unfortunately, my blog hasn’t dropped in viewership since I’ve returned home, so it seems my life, or the lunatic-run-on-sentence way I write really has a following.  I’d like to be the first person to start cult-blogging.  So anytime you all feel like reading one of my blog’s and taking a joint swig of some kool-aid, I’ll be there.

It definitely isn’t too early for that joke, right?

3 thoughts on “The First-Day-Off-in-Two-Weeks Blog

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh, wow. Ok, 1. Your nephew is ridiculously adorable.
    2. Drew! Oh my goodness… it has been so long. He hasn’t changed a bit!
    3. Those tights. Stop it. I love them.

  2. bea mannes says:

    Love the tights!, but the 1950’s Doris Day sweater, not so sure about that as a Rock outfit….but then, of course, mixing it up is your specialty isn’t it, and thus it does work great with those tights.
    Thanks for the pics of your brother, love those too. And Drew, always nice to see you. Nat, visit anytime.
    Enjoyed the blog, find sometime to jail yourself into your own mind space, as I know you need that on a regular basis.

  3. Nat says:

    I’m sweating thinking about you sweating over our lack of friend time. I miss you, and I’m more than okay with seeing you as soon as humanly possible. Seriously. Come over. Right now.

    I am in love with this blog post, and not just because I’m featured in it, but because it has your mojo all up in it. Your writing mojo. I feel like we’re both finding our respective flow again, and that makes me a stupid amount of happy.

    You are made of magic.


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