Working Gal

These rascally little updates always have a way of catching up with me.  Dang. We’ll, the reason I haven’t updated even though the flood gates have opened, it seems, since I deleted my facebook and everyone is reading my blogs for answers on my life (weird)….the reason I haven’t updated, in case you lost that in the run-on… is I’ve been really busy with work. BUM BUM BUMMMMM.  Wasn’t what you expected, was it?

I was hired at the new, and first teen center for Raleigh teens, St. Monica’s and so with building preparation, and work preparation, and getting excited about working with teens again, my life has become one  big upheaval.  Where before I could update you on every time my cat ate a new and random food (this weeks addition, black olives right out of a Caesar salad bowl), or post pictures about what my hair looks like upon waking in the morning…now I’ve been reduced to just another working woman.  (I say that like it’s a high number out there of working women, because we’re strong and independent now.  Heck Yea lessening gender constraints).  Most of us don’t live at home with their parents still though, like me. Damn. (Can anyone tell me why we named a salad after a Roman General Stateman’s?  Google? It is named after an Italian, Caesar (Cesare) Cardini, who emigrated to the USA, lived in San Diego, and operated a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. He created the salad, and it was named after him. Caesar’s Salad. And here, I have proved myself wrong on my very own blog.

Anyway, this rad, new, Raleigh Teen Center was actually built in the 1930’s and started by a group of nuns (it now has no real ties to any religious affiliations, just for the Raleigh-area teenage population) and it’s a really intense old building.  It still has the same hard wood floors as it did in the 30’s and the same intimate arched doorways.  I think this might be my favorite job yet, but it’s kind of hard to beat summer camp where you can kiss cute boys on the dock of a man-made lake during your one-night off a week, and you can gossip with your best friend while you share the lower bunk of a bunk bed covered in bandana’s, photos and candies sent from home.  Ah, summer camp.

Most of you know, I probably should have majored in education and worked with teens for the entire rest of my life, BUT unfortunately, I believe it’s my destiny to write pages upon pages of the typed word and so I forced myself into the creative writing major with vigor.  (Most of you don’t know that I was a religious studies major before this because I am quite the birth-control popping and gay rights advocate Catholic….proof that we’re not all bigots like Anne Rice claims in her latest interview)….and no Mother, that was not too much information).

So, here I am.  Working, finally and already semi-complaining about how it’s taking over my life.  But, what else is this blog for, but a sounding board of my unanimous (as voted on by me) complaints and bedazzlements (another word for joys) of the week.  Good thing, I deleted the link to this blog in my e-mail signature every time I sent a work e-mail or they would all be reading about how I feel on the job (which is FABULOUS, I’m so ready to influence some teens lives and let them influence mine).

This job is going to make me a better and happier person.  If you can’t say that, maybe you should find something that will.


One thought on “Working Gal

  1. bea mannes says:

    Yes, that is too much information!, but it is too late for you anyway. You share it all, the good and the bad, so I will adjust and accept the occasional infoey blog. Is infoey a word, look it up for me, will you.


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