This is a Blog About Nothing, but Hey it Worked for Seinfeld!

I’m totally slacking here, aren’t I….

It’s most likely due to the lack of excitement in my life at the moment, but oh well, I’ll blog about the not so exciting stuff too (maybe just for the pure fact that I can spice up the boring stuff through pretty little words).  I’m actually yawning at the thought of writing this blog, which probably means you’ll be yawning by the end of it too.  But, who cares – pick up your grape juice with ice next to the bed and join me on a few days of bore.  What could it hurt?

This week, I’ve been debating whether to delete my ominous and obnoxious facebook.  I mean, more so for me than anyone else.  I update that thing like I have no life (which basically means I have no life).  And it’s just facebook, it’s not like I’m itching to write this blog, or post what grocery store I’m at on twitter.  Nah, I’m just updating statuses on the interesting things I find in thrift stores and quotes from Anais Nin (which people could easily pick up a book and read, but that’s going out of style also, isn’t it)?

Question: Why hasn’t “facebook” been added into spell check and/or the dictionary?  We’re all disgustingly obsessed, and “bootylicious” has made the cut, so why hasn’t facebook?  Webster, you’re slacking.

There has been something I really wanted to update you guys  about from my trip to Puerto Rico.  In Puerto Rico (one of the…four maybe…countries that have these) I went on a night kayaking trip to see the Bio-luminescent bays with some of my lovely family members.  This may have been one of the absolute coolest (and I use that in the best slang way possible, as in “that was SO COOL, man.”  If you want you can replace “cool” with “rad,” ya know, if you’re that generation).  There’s a lot of things the biologist said that led our trip through the mangroves and into the bay, and most of it I have forgotten.  Let me try my best to explain it without sounding like a fourteen-year-old-school-girl.  We got in our kayaks and started going through the mangroves and as we got closer to the bay (and the coo-kee frogs) the water started to sparkle beneath our fingers and oars (and toes if you’re like me and wanted to jump out of the kayak right there and fill your body with water jewels).   As we got into the bay, even the fish were glowing in the water.  Literally, fish would be swimming around your kayak and you could see every single one because they all looked like they were glowing in the dark.  You’d stick your hand in the water, or splash it onto your legs and your legs would sparkle for a few seconds like you had just picked up a handful of glitter.

Unfortunately there used to be a ton of these bays that Columbus once called “lakes of fire,” but because of human destruction (mostly) and the habitats of the micro-organisms that cause the glowing being ruined, there aren’t many bio-luminescent bays left.  In fact, just months ago another one in Jamaica has come to an end and stopped glowing.  Lucky for tourists like myself, Puerto Rico has a ridiculous amount of laws protecting their few bio-luminescent bays that are left (there are only three countries in the world that still have them standing).  Puerto Rico has gone so far as too request that the few homes that are on the bay (and one hotel I believe) change their lights to white, environmentally friendly lights and not harsh yellow lights so that the bay will continue to glow.  Puerto Rico deserves a huge pat on the back from me because I would have spent my life in that bio-luminescent bay if someone would have left me.  I really, genuinely wanted to be left behind so I could dive into the water and watch my body glow (also illegal in Puerto Rico so you don’t ruin the micro-organisms habitat).

The photos on the website that I’m about to show you are completely photoshopped because you can’t really get a photo of the bay since they need darkness to glow and the camera flashes and they tell you not to bring cameras (even though I’m a wonderfully talented woman who could have not ruined her camera kayaking, I still didn’t take it).  Here’s the website:

I think the website can tell you much more accurate information about the lives of the micro-organisms and light pollution and all that jazz.  Since we all know I’m a huge fan of the World Wildlife Foundation, I’d definitely encourage people to donate to the bays if they feel like seeing one of the ridiculous wonder’s of the world in their lifetime or if they want to give this gift to their children.  It’s up to you, tree huggers.

What else have I done, since this lovely biobay experience and since my return from Puerto Rico.  Well, funny you should ask wordpress!  I have babysat my adorable nephew a few times.  We have found (me and my mother) that he has a fondness for pink bows and that he is still destined to be an evil genius.  Here is a photo:

Professor, The Grinch.

Obviously, he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, right?  Yes, this blog involves audience participation.  Other than babysitting his juice-drinkin’ & potty-trainin’ butt, I’ve seen a few movies:

1. Megamind-funny, but not bowl over into your popcorn, laugh-out-loud funny.

2. Dispicable Me-I could watch this movie 29384728734 times and never ever want it to end.  Plus, I’m pretty sure the smallest little girl is me, well…stuck in a little girl’s body.  IT’S SO FLUFFY.

3.  Skyline-Why again did I watch this?  Oh right, it was a dollar fifty.

4. Easy A-Like Despicable Me, this movie just makes me freakin’ happy.  Plus, the main girl is smokin’ hot so pretty much the whole time I’m just listening to the sweet sound of her voice and wanting to be her when I grow up…in 10 years.

5. Scott Pilgrim-It wasn’t wonderful the first time and the second time it isn’t either.  It’s pretty snazzy, with a bit of awkward mixed in.  I guess it’s worth seeing.

6.  The Virginity Hit-Is this a true story?  Like did four highschool boys really do this as a documentary and then someone thought, hey why not show this on the big screen?  Because it’s filmed that way.  It makes girls look dumb and slutty which I’m not really into, but HEY, maybe someone is.

7. Mean Girls 2 (family channel style)-I lost countless braincells during this.  There’s really not much else to say. OH WAIT, when the main boy takes off his shirt and is throwing water on his head, OH MY GOD HOT.  That’s pretty much it.  Just fast forward to that part.

I think that’s it, but I’m really not that sure.  If I think of more I’ll definitely update this blog.  I’ve also bought some weird treasures from the Raleigh Thrift Stores.  And, probably way too many books.  I’ve taken the liberty to take photos of all of this and more for you so you can get the full viewing experience.

My newest addition to the apartment I don't have right now. Here's to getting into graduate school!

My obsession with the Used Bookstore (and Alice in Wonderland), and my plans for the next week.

My new bird cage to hang jewelry from, aka the bird cage someone silly gave away and now is my treasure MWAHAHAHA.

I thought orange would add a hint of color.  I’m really glad I have this blog right now because I have absolutely no voice from singing “Teenage Dream” too loud, and too high in my car.  I should have left it to Katy Perry, but I got a few people to laugh from my odd dancing and my big mouth.  Plus, I’m pretty sure Lil’ Wayne held up his number to the window and told me to call him.  Too bad I didn’t write that one down, or I’d be swimming in a bed of money right about now.  Damn.  Note to self: Take more chances.

I guess that pretty much sums up my week.  I did other fun things that I guess I should mention so I don’t seem like a complete tortoise.  Okay, I watched The Steelers game with the girls at a bar in Chapel Hill and had the silver-medal beer of the Beer Olympics for 2010.  Let me check that one off my bucket list.  Too bad I didn’t write the name of it down, it was called something “sky.”  I don’t know, it was yummy.  It came along with probably the largest Philly Cheese steak I’ve ever seen and even bigger than that, a Pumpkin Pie slice that we all wrecked in a matter of seconds.  Cheese steak should be one word, someone in Philadelphia get on that.   I hung out with a bunch of friends that I hadn’t yet seen after Australia, it was comforting and homey and all kinds of wonderful other words.  I had Coldstone twice, peanut butter once and Cheesecake once.  (My life obviously revolves around the food that I’ve been eating).  And I worked a bit on an octagon for a quilt that’s most likely never going to get made.   AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! I’M A SPINSTER WHO LOVES A GOOD PIECE OF STEAK.

Ya’ll have a good week! : )

2 thoughts on “This is a Blog About Nothing, but Hey it Worked for Seinfeld!

  1. bea mannes says:

    Great blog about nothing, I do love Seinfeld! But, I do have one thing to say, Jack did not like the pink bow. He took it off as soon as I put it on. He was crazy about the “pincher” hair clip though, but mostly because he could open and close the pinchers, and clip it to his fingers like a ring.
    I am sorry I missed that glowing bay, and am happy you had a great life experience there.

  2. Cari Grindem-Corbett says:

    The bay sounds AWESOME! I want my hand to glow like glitter, in fact I may have to resist the urge to go buy a tub of glitter to put on our lake and just pretend, ‘oh look glitter on my hand’, but then it wouldn’t go away, and I’d feel bad because some fish would probably eat some, and I’m assuming silver glitter has no good nutritional value : ( Love the background picture, btw, was wondering if they were lighting bugs, now I’m wondering if it’s bits of bay. Glad I stopped by, wonderful imagery. BTW, don’t leave facebook ; ) how will I know when you’ve made more posts? or gone to some strange new country?


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