So this is Christmas…

It’s really weird to have just celebrated one of the happiest holidays in my life.  I didn’t really have the …. Christmas wind-up like everyone else does.  I never really felt very Christmas-ey in Australia because it was hot and I had my flippy-floppies on.  Even if Santa was taking photos on the beach boardwalk, and scaring the neighborhood dogs (seriously, every dog he waved at, they barked and huffed away.  I’m not sure, but Santa at Cronulla Beach might just be on the naughty list).  And to be honest, I’m feeling kind of down this Christmas, maybe I’m on the “Debbie Downer List” and that’s why Santa was so good to me this year (with my nephew not forgetting me, being the most important present).

It was normal, I was passed out and my mom woke me up at 7am so she could get all the presents done before having to cook this ridiculous family meal for us.  (Broccoli&cheese casserole, Crescent Rolls, Ham … I don’t eat that though, corn pudding, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, and the best part – pineapple cheesecake, YUM).  If that didn’t make your mouth water, then you should probably move to Italy or somewhere else with fantastic food – Mexico, maybe?   But anyway, we opened presents, then my brother and nephew came and we opened more presents and we had family dinner and set up this massive construction train set so that my nephew could be amused by something instead of being a candy cane criminal and stealing each one off the tree.  I’m pretty sure he stood on a few presents to get the middle layer ones.  This kid is kind of genius-esque so you don’t really have to see it to believe it.

I don’t know what’s missing for me this Christmas…maybe it’s because I’ve been away in the warm cocoon of summertime, or I’m missing one of the most important people in my life on this Christmas (and even if Skype is amazing, and the best creation, it doesn’t exactly cover hugs…or cuddles…or just watching someone play play station in their basketball shorts).

I think I’m on the verge of tears with this one.  It might help that at 11pm I get to pick up my Aunt Jan at the airport and speed demon her (most likely through the snow) home to my house for a few days.  I’ve missed her and I have some things I want to tell her and some presents to give her so this will be really good.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I feel like such a Grinch, or a pity party over here.  What girl who gets everything in the world, material wise from her parents and family for Christmas, is sad because she’s missing something?  Only me, probably.  I put Tiny Tim to shame over here.

And you know what makes it worse?  Post Secret Frank must take off for Christmas also because there’s no Post Secret’s up.  And look, I know it’s Saturday, but it’s Sunday in Australia and I’m still on Australia time.

I need something to get my mind off of my life.  And off of today.  Maybe I should blame watching Inception today on how I feel.  Or maybe it’s just something else.

Excuse me while I go wallow in more self-pity.

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas! I love you all, despite the way I’m feeling on such a joy-filled day.


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