Almost time to say goodbye to 2010 (and see ya later Australia).

On January 10, 2010 I created a little note on facebook about the 100 resolutions I had for the year of 2010.  In an effort to do this every year, I decided to post this and see how much I actually got done.  Here’s to hoping it’s more then 50%.  I’ve crossed off the ones that have been completed.

1. Enjoy the power and beauty of my youth.

2. Wear all of the clothes in my closet (even socks)

3. Drink all of the hot chocolate in the 100-count box from dad.

4. Receive my visa to see my boyfriend in 189 days.

5. Learn the I before E rule, for real, in grammar. (Thank you Justin Bieber).

6. Floss.

7. Get a second job to save for Australia by April.

8. Start and Finish 7 graduate school applications.

9. Find a job I’d like to have in Australia (preferably with an editing company, literary journal)

10. Trust God with my future plans. TRYING REALLY HARD.

11. Discover how to live on my own.

12. Try to write in a journal daily (offline). I’m in a Routine YAY!

13. Grow and challenge my faith everyday.

14. Get all A’s for my last semester (doesn’t look promising with Chaucer already scaring me).  Not quite – A+, A-, B+, B+, B

15. Go to church with my mother at least two Sundays/Saturdays a month.

16. Take a fitness class somewhere.

17. Read a book of poems every 3 weeks.

18. Eat better, less microwave – more veggies.

19. Don’t shop, my closet is already too full as it is. GEEZ.

20. Learn a new form of art. (clay? watercolor? oil painting? bellydancing?)

21. Read 10 good books this year. (fully, no half-assing). My new goal is 52.  I’m at 48 and counting.

1. Eat, Pray, Love

2. Illumination Night

3. The Last Song

4. Dear John

5. That Charming Man

6. The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

7. Columbine

8. The Center of Everything.

9. Evening

10. The Time Travelers Wife

22. Spend more time with my nephew. Every Friday with that child.

23. Wear whatever I want, whenever I want and not worry about other people’s opinions.

24. Think more positively.

25. Meet 3 new people a week.

26. Pray daily.

27. Play with Jasper, since he’ll be with the parents in July.

28. Read through my book list.

29. Read a book on a topic completely foreign to me.

30. Stop depending on my father so much, take a little more responsibility. Getting there….haha

31. Visit Abby in Boone. For the first time, and finally!

32. Learn how to crochet like my grandmother.

33. See Sarah for spring break and make it to my grandmother’s grave to say hello and bring her some flowers.

34. Try at least 5 different foods.

-At Christina’s wedding, barbeque pork

-At parents, walnut blueberry salad

-At Sarah’s, steak with pink in the middle

-At Abbys, guacomole

-At restaurant, pickle chips!

-At local fish mart, fried shark

-At Jono’s, Tomato’s

-With Renee, Sushi

35. Join a bookclub.

36. Be my own personal cheerleading squad. Easier said than done.

37. Go to one of my high school’s football games.

38. Get together with (143) girls before I leave for Australia.

39. Write more letters to people (it’s very underrated). If you want a letter, just say so.

40. Forgive the people in my past that I need to forgive, but don’t forget.

41. Publish three short stories in a literary journal.

42. Go to the gym 3 times a week at least (an hour each time).

43. Find something that calms me down on bad days and stick to it.

44. Do the life is a verb exercises.

45. Wear a beret.

46. Learn to wake up earlier.

47. Make Dean’s List (again).

48. Visit Aus’ blue mountains.

49. Graduate.

50. Learn to cook a home cooked meal, and invite my parents over for dinner.

51. Get back my abs, hellooooo swimming pool.

52. See Drew more often.

53. Don’t waste time on useless things, unless they destress me (bejeweled).

54. write a poem/writing sample/write something other than a journal a day.

55. Skype with more people than just Chris (Sarah, Nat?)

56. Help Sarah plan the most amazing wedding (and not be jealous of it, because I do have the most amazing boyfriend and we’re going to be very happy for a very long time). It’s not happening for another 1.5 years, but we’re starting. : )

57. Don’t dread the future. Again, easier said than done.

58. Wash dishes more often, don’t let them pile up.

59. Learn to mumble less.

60. Volunteer somewhere regularly (big brothers, big sisters? literacy clinics?)

61. Try to get along with my sister-in-law and bring our family back together.

62. Do something I’m afraid of (ski in my uncle’s lake?) Swam in the Pacific Ocean AFTER I was stung by a sting ray in 2009.  Yes, I have fears of oceans now….

63. Shoot a gun.

64. Stop bailing on friends.

65. Skype my campers, write letters, anything just to know how they’re doing.

66. Watch an NCSU swim meet.

67. Talk to my professors when I need help.

68. Use the cookbooks Mom gave me.

69. Call my dad more often.

70. Find a recycle bin for cardboard and not just water bottles.

71. Don’t text and drive, or do anything bad while driving.

72. Use my turn signals.

73. Lay off on the chocolate cravings.

74. Eat lots of pomegranates. (easy peezy)

75. Go hiking occasionally.

76. Stop looking in the mirror so much.

77. Find new ways to work with this curly head of hair I have.

78. Keep a plant alive for more than a month. Thanks Catie Bug, YAY!

79. Read the 301 short stories on my itouch right now.

80. Stay on top of things.

81. Eat a burrito at Flaming Amy’s with Nat.

82. Organize my files on my computer and put them on disks.

83. Encourage friends to try what they might fear.

84. Create one of those weird journals in that magazine.

85. Scrapbook my college career at NCSU

86. Talk to my brother more often, actually have a solid relationship.

87. Maybe ever so often take a look at those french flash cards and try to learn a bit more, on my own time.

88. Find old pictures of my grandparents and write stories (fiction) about them, make up their life basically and see how close I can get to the real thing. I’ve written A LOT of poetry, but no fiction.

89. Shop rarely, but well at the flea market for old antiques.

90. Stop wasting so much time on my computer.

91. Attempt to keep up with current news. Glad I wrote “attempt” here.

92. Learn to throw a football well.

93. Keep up with the basketball season, so I can talk sports with my boyfriend.

94. Be bold.

95. Love everyone who I’m grateful for in my life more.

96. Don’t let the little things pile into bigger things.

97. Worry less, live more.

98. Thank my parents more, because they’re the best, even when my dad goes all old fart and talks about stocks and bonds and terrorists.

99. Learn what it means to be “selfless.”

100. Breathe in the sureness that I’m alive and okay.

So, 54 out of 100.  Not too bad, not too great.  Maybe next time I’ll put a few less philosophical things on my list.  The tangible things I think I got mostly done right? So, there’s some thank you’s to the people who made these things possible.  Like my friends had to work with me on not bailing on them since I can be quite a bad friend sometimes.  Good thing I have Jess Biegger, Natalie Cicero, Catie Hitz, Chris Loeve, Holly Mason, Sarah Dion, Abby Samelak, and Drew O’Brien. Love ya’ll for making me hang out with you all the time and actually getting me out of my books & notebooks to go outside and feel the fresh air.  Thanks go to Catie Hitz for convincing me to buy that three-dollar peach gerber daisy at the flea market and keep it alive for a month, only to then give it to my father who violently killed it.  Thanks to my parents for letting me skype them all the time and google voice for giving me a reason to call my dad at whatever time I wanted in America.  Thanks to my brother for skyping with me late at night and letting me hear his new music for Orobourus first. (  Thanks to God, obviously, since I do occasionally keep up with my Catholicness, and thanks to Abby Samelak for keeing me on my toes.  Thanks to my adorable nephew for letting me hang out with him and bribe him with Jelly Bellies to do what I want. And only once, ripping his pants off and pooping all over the house behind curtains, drapes, blankets and chairs and then pulling all the toilet paper from the roll and running around the room with it.  Gosh, I owe you my thinness now I think for chasing your small ass around.  I guess there’s a lot more thanks, but like award shows, I’m going to cut this little jiffy short. Oh wait, thanks to all my friends who wrote me letters throughout Australia giving me the opportunity to be a world renowned penpal.

On other things, I’ll be creating a 2011 list in the next few weeks and I’ll share that with you guys as well.  Hopefully, it will have some real doozers on it.

This week in my little Australian journey, that is almost over, I actually baked something other than muffins.  If you know me, I have this weird ingrained thing against cooking….for some reason I feel like as a feminist I can’t also be productive in the kitchen.  I don’t know, it must be all those women’s and gender studies classes I took at State, but anyway, I’ve been trying to break that ridiculous notion by baking my mother’s (and grandmother’s and Aunt Wendy’s) famous Deluxe Sugar Cookies.  I think Betty Crocker also gets some credit here, but my mother always has secret ingredients for things so Betty can’t take all the credit.  And to my surprise, and probably everyone else’s in the K household, they actually tasted darn good.  I had a little help from CK on the icing section (only after I pulled him away from his fourth football game, just showing you a bit of what my life will be like in 10 years).  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a Susie Homebaker, but I may have a knack at using the oven (especially since I had to convert the recipe degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius in order to bake the cookies properly.  Oh, Australia, the little tricks you throw in to stop me, they never work).  For practically the sole benefit of my mother (and probably my best friend Seth who has seen my kitchen and the amounts of dishes I let sit in my sink until I clean them) here are some photos:

Now that's a happy baking face right there if I've ever seen one.

Baking hands in full force, and my city surf shirt on! YES

The cookie monster!

Yummy Christmas Cookies for the K family : )...oh, and me!

Other than that, we’ve been living in the sun for my last week in Australia.  Today, we went to my favorite beach, Cronulla (probably because it’s my home beach and I feel like I own it, I always tend to like things I feel like I own.  That sounds way worse than I mean it too, but oh well).  I took a few photos, but the surf was quite low.  The day before we acted like grandpa’s and sat out on the deck reading and playing football computer games.  And last night we rode bikes to the petrol station to buy popsicles and ride back (that just made me feel like I was fourteen again).  Seriously, if you’re a kid from HG, did you not have the best twelve to fifteen year old life ever in that neighborhood.  In the summer, you just walk to the pool to play keepaway with all the neighborhood boys (Tyler Anderson, John Walker, Michael Niemchak, Drew O’brien, Aubrey White, Christina Oleska, Ali Crocco, you all know what I’m talking about).  Then you’d ride your bike to the gas station and get whatever icy treat you wanted for the bike ride home (I prefered those plastic wrapped popsicles that you push up and taste like food dye, but at the end you get to suck the scissored off end for all the liquid that melts to the bottom).  And in the morning you hit up swim practice, and on Tuesday nights go to meets and flirt with all the boys donning speedo’s on the other team.  We lived the good life, definitely.  (I miss it, but only if I could turn twelve and do it all over again, I don’t miss it that much, my life’s pretty excellent just in case you haven’t been reading this blog, haha).  Oh, and CK beat me in H-O-R-S-E in the backyard, because duhh, he’s played basketball for years and I’m only good at the 3-pointers.  A regular, JJ Reddick I am.

Maybe a few of you will read this even though I won’t post it on facebook because it’s not really about anything Australian at all, but just about me and my life and my personal goals, and who really wants to read about that, only EVERYONE. (Just kidding, probably more like … my mother). Hah.

Home in 5 days, can’t say I’m excited.  More like, can’t wait to whip my little Focus around Raleigh and get my hands on The Raleigh Review first print edition.  We’re in editorial business people! Okay, have a good 3 more days until my next blog about absolutely nothing.  Can’t say this is the top of my blogs I’ve ever written, but it’s here and it’s OUT THERE. (Too much Seinfeld lately).


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