My plan: buy myself some crescent rolls.

This Thanksgiving, as you’re aware if you follow this blog, I am away from my family for the first time.  But that definitely didn’t stop my whole family from skyping me at once – which has the usual flair of a Mannes family dinner conversation.  We covered all the usual topics, my father watching 2.5 men with my ex-boyfriend and making dirty jokes, my aunts shopping at 3 am with Katie (who’s basically my cousin-in-law and who lost 15 pounds and is going to look HOT in her Puerto Rico bikini), my cousin Todd shoved my cat into the screen (proof that he’s not evil and let’s other people hold him) and my dad just continually asked me “so what else is new?” and wanted to know about money.  The only thing missing was the conversation about poop this week, but my nephew covered that one so we’re all good.

In order to give you the full effect of this Mannes skyping shindig I went through the effort of taking screen shots of my family during the conversation.  Let’s hope some of them came out.

My brother, cousin-in-law and of course, my mother...with the camera - trying to get a family photo that includes me this Thanksgiving

Pretty sure my brother is laughing at my mother and her photog needs.


My Aunt Jan and nephew and brother and mom sneaking in..

All the lovely women in my family <3

My daddy haha who majority of skype spent it talking to me and no one else could really butt in. He kept saying "no crying" even though I'm pretty sure he was the teary one. :)

And Todd who spent the skype convo playing with Jaspants

This Thanksgiving has so far certainly been lacking some signature food.  I had grapes for breakfast and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  I think I want to go to Baker’s Delight and get a Savory roll of cheese and olives (mmmm) almost an Italian Thanksgiving.  I’ll probably walk to the mall later and get myself some good ol’ Kentucky Fried Chicken or something (pretty much just so I can have mash potatoes and gravy) and then read a little bit.  I know that doesn’t sound too exciting so maybe I’ll go lay out in my bikini BECAUSE I’M IN AUSTRALIA AND IT’S HOT HERE.  Maybe this weekend I’ll even see a Santa on the beach in his boardies and thongs, who knows…the possibilities are endless.  I guess for this short little post which mostly just shows off my awesome, and very attractive family members I should say a bit about what I’m thankful for.

WHAT I’M THANKFUL FOR THIS THANKSGIVING: (this already looks like a first graders homework for the day before break, but … moving forward anyway) …

  • First and foremost, love. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  I’m a really lucky girl, maybe the luckiest.  And I’m pretty sure I said this aloud at two am last night in the smallest bed in the world.  So, let it be known how happy I am.
  • Happiness (we’re just gettin’ the corny stuff out of the way), I’ve never been happier, probably in my entire life since I went to Florida last year with camp loves.  I seriously have had the best year and a half of my life and it’s only getting better from here.  Australia has CHANGED MY LIFE, I know everyone says that when they come back from somewhere far away from home.  But as the roommate says (haha), “you’ve learned a lot of life lessons living in Australia, Cass.” This is from me somehow getting two jobs at the same time, figuring out how to ride a bus (with many facets of bus drivers), figuring out how to travel in the surrounding city because Canberra has way too many round-a-bouts and I almost never know what road I’m on.
  • Learning to Eat fruit.  This sounds so lame, but Australia has a lot less candies, and junk food than america (because we’re all fat-asses in the land of the free) and so I’ve been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables in order to get my sweet tooth motivated.  It is NOT motivated to taste all the wonders of America when I return…I’m definitely going to need a dentist.
  • Spare time.  I think people (me) definitely get caught up in work, or jobs or school or whatever it is that is your main priority at this time, especially if it involves making money in order to live.  I have a shopping addiction (spurred on right now by the eclectic sweaters of  In Australia, I’ve had a pretty easy, float-by, kind of life.  I’ve been able to work only when I felt like it and read all the time, sit out in the sun with friends any day of the week, walk to library and the mall to get things easy and fast and spend time with people I love.  If that isn’t something to be thankful for, I don’t know what is.  Lazyness is a better word for it.  I haven’t exactly been a model citizen in Australia – I’ve kind of been a bum : )
  • Let’s start the real list now…real real (hah).
  1. Four Cheeses Macaroni and Cheese, Australian grapes, creamsicles, corn, Zambrero’s, meatball subs, 50cent ice cream cones from McDonald’s, Tuesday night Schnitzel and Trivia with the girls, my amazing girl flatmates (Chris and Paige) who I spend an unbelievably large amount of time with and who unbelievably suck at trivia (even though Chris is like a wealth of random knowledge.  She’s like the person who wins street smarts….why do you know that stuff kinda thing.  I would like to get her in cash cab though, girl would win us a bunch of money.  If only the lottery was more like a test of random shit you know, then she’d be set for life.  Even though she still plays the lottery majority weeks of the year).
  2. Now let me tell a little story.  One day I was trying to go bowling with Jono, Chris, Tiff and Lib and we get there and it’s like bowling bananza with all the tough guy, Grease Lightning shirts on and they all have really colorful (look into my crystal ball) bowling balls.  And even though we scheduled a lane, this bowling alley was hoppin’ so the boys just played shooting arcade games, tried to talk me into Dance Dance Revolution and I still have the winning ticket stubbs in my purse…they’ll just never die.  And I can’t throw them away because I’m a hoarder and I feel like they’re “memories.”  This is me, admitting, that I have a problem.  BUT on the walk home, we saw a bunny in the middle of the intersection, not moving.  I was going to try to rescue it after Jono, so nicely pointed it out, but I didn’t and then I got home and cried.  Let me start over.  It was night time so everyone had their high beams on in Australia, there’s a million bunnies in Canberra because they mate like … well bunnies, and this bunny was trying to hop out of traffic (much like a game of frogger..when you’re winning) but it seemed he had already been hit and now had a broken leg and was unable to move.     It’s like a horror story for me to relive this.  WELL, everyone should also know that I have a favorite bunny around Canberra which I lovingly call “the Ugly one” (I’m a great nick-namer clearly, everyone should come to me for that kind of thing) because his face is all scrunched up and he has weird spotted fur.  He looks like a leper bunny, for a better description.  He’s just the ugliest little guy you’ve ever seen.  And so, Chris and I were walking the other day and we came across these two bunnies; a teenager bunny and “the Ugly one” and guess who had a broken leg?! THE UGLY ONE.  And guess who could hop fine now AND have teenage baby bunnies?! THE UGLY ONE.  Guess who got out of the road that night and had a one night stand with some hot, furry female goddess and is still my favorite bunny pants of all time? YEA, YOU GOT IT, THE UGLY ONE.  So, happy ending, the Ugly survived and made babies, and didn’t get hit by a car, put out of his misery.  I’m pretty sure you would have laughed if you were there seeing me find this out because I literally jumped up and down like I was seven again.

I’m not sure this post was exciting or witty in the least, but when you’re in love with life….usually you’re not very good at explaining that.  Unless you’re Mark Twain and then you just have a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving America <3 Eat until you’re in a coma.


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