When I became a weather girl…(and everything else).

So, it’s been raining in Canberra….a lot.  Boo.  I missed the bus to work today and had to walk all the way back just to get a ride (Thank Goodness for Chris Loeve, love that girl).  By the time I got back I was pretty much a drowned rat, and good thing my white shorts were jean and not the ones I was going to pack because everyone would see my lovely navy underwear.  However, because of all this rain, we’ve had the most awesome cloud patterns (and yes, I know how dorky that sounds and yes, this blog actually has a point…I just want to show some pictures of the crazy weather).

You could see the rain in the distance, so nuts!

Amazing cloudage. Sometimes makes me wish I was a weather lady.

Rain and pink sky - gorgeous.

This was my favorite part, the after-rain sky before it turned that weird yellow over everything. You know, in Raleigh after it rains, it goes straight weird yellow, like someone painted everything antique.

This is insanity. Seriously.

Of course a girl loves a pink sky, bahaha.

Just....more ridiculous surprises from the lovely little city of Canberra (aka Raleigh's twin city in almost every possible way).

so, that’s that. I figured I’d make this blog about things I’ve missed along the way; Raiders Game, the one armed bus driver from Cairns, and just a few other things.

So, one armed bus driver, clearly the most important part of our time in Cairns.  So, we’ve already road like a million buses this morning, picking up about a million old people and one middle aged couple who just got married in Cairns and the groom thought dirty jokes mixed with his cane was a total hit.  We have this bus driver, up to Kuranda who had to be drunk because he kept talking about his one arm and making jokes about being a serial killer.  “Kids close your ears, I could kill all your parents any second.  Maybe I have some sick fetishes.”  Meanwhile, just married is over here talking about him having fetishes for the other arm since his is missing.  (har-har, just married, har har).  When we got off the bus, the bus driver goes, “now tell all your friends about the bald, one-armed bus driver, maybe I’ll become famous.”  So, I’m just passing on the information, to NEVER EVER ride a bus with a one armed bus driver who claims to be a serial killer because not only does he really only have one arm and has to turn that giant wheel around the smooth round-a-bouts of Cairns, but he just very well may be a serial killer and could have drove us all into the sugar cane and crashed the bus.  Who knows, we never will.

Then, earlier this year, I went to a Canberra Raiders game.  They are a rugby league team (which isn’t the same as Rugby Union..this can be confusing) and it was freezing and the Raiders won by such a ridiculous amount against the Cowboys that it wasn’t even worth the actual game.  (I’m used to this though being a Buffalo Bills fan).  However, the cheerleaders were MUCH sluttier than American cheerleaders, which I know is hard to do (especially the ones in The Replacements) but it happened.  Their boobs were EVERYWHERE.  And so, I’m sitting there watching these mullet and rat-tail clad men scream at them to “Let us see your tits, show us those titties” and that might have been the highlight of the game for me except then I saw the cheerleaders dance…no just kidding.  (It wasn’t NCSU dance team, let me just say that).   The highlight was we had the cutest little girl in front of us waving her Raiders flag in her Raiders scarf and Raiders jersey and so I took about two million pictures of her while my uterus was on fire and got excited every time she got excited.  Also, it was “wringers” (red heads), 200th game, one of the oldest players on the team, Alan Tongue (a captain for the Canberra Raiders).  So, everyone wore these furry, red wigs in honor of him.  That was pretty fantastic, because everyone knows I like to surround myself with redheads.

Later this year, the Dragons (a team from Sydney that all my home away from home family cheers for) won the NRL (National Rugby League) at The Grand Final.  It was a huge game, everyone was wearing red and there was a big party to celebrate at Grandma K’s.  She makes the best spaghetti so you know I’m down for any party where she’s serving food.  Plus, everyone had their dogs there and people were taking like family photo’s of the dogs which is a hoot.  And Milena, one of the younger cousins, is like the most outrageous, witty child I’ve ever met, so I kind of love and loathe hanging out with her.  She did Matt’s hair into a pretty little up-do so you gotta love that.

Here’s some photos:

Charlie Dog, my favorite thing about him; he barks at the lamp post whenever the boys hit the fence with the ball. Like the lamp post is a human, and he's letting out his anger to it.

My favorite little Raiders fan :)

Such a good fan in my hipster hat.

So, Raiders game=done.  Next, creepiest puppet cave in the entire world.  In Sydney, there’s the old part of town called The Rocks where the Sydney government decided that they should keep a bit of the architecture from the olden’ days and so that’s what they did.  And every Saturday and Sunday they have really interesting, and ridiculously expensive markets (I’m talking a headband for 28 dollars, be serious, never going to happen on my post-collegiate budget) but I still like to go and look.  I bought my nephew this really neat kangaroo, there’s photos on the photo page and painted it myself because it was so much more expensive to get a painted one.  UGH.  But we were walking around in search of food (we found some, I had my first Australian bagel there) and we came across a puppet cave…literally that’s what it was called.  I seriously thought I had stepped into a Harry Potter-esque world or like a backwards Narnia closet coming across this thing.  There were ALL kinds of puppets, with ALL kinds of dust particles.  And the rooms just never seemed to end, you’d think ohhh gee, this has to be the end of the cave, but OH NO, you were just beginning to enter the world of Pinnocheo’s dad.  He was probably hiding in his lair in the attic constructing all the little puppet fingers while we were touching all the puppets even though the sign said not to (que Barney and Robin in the museum from How I Met Your Mother…if you tell me not to touch…I’m going to smother myself on that object).  Anyway, I took a few photos of that for everyone’s enjoyment and the fond memories of the creepiest place in Sydney so far.

Child of Chucky...come on. Look at that shiny plastic face.

Proof of creepyness....I think so.

Just to finalize my feelings, thought this little witch did it best.

Let’s talk about my most FAVORITE spot in Canberra after that explosion of terror.  So,  I’m definitely a reader….I’m about to finish my 40th (this year) book so expect a blog on all those 20 books coming here soon…and so the ACT library system has been like a best friend to me while I’ve been here.  In my spare moments I’m either watching Millionaire matchmaker, Ghost Adventures or reading a book.  In Belconnen, we have the smallest, unair-conditioned library in all of the ACT system, but it’s got to be my favorite place.  I can request any book in the system and they send it to me and put my full name on a little receipt and stick it in the book to wait for my arrival.  I can go along the shelves like I used to do at NCSU and just let my fingertips ride along the stiff backs of books.  I can just breathe in the smell of them, that’s got to be something an ereader can’t give you.  My favorite part of the library though has got to be that almost every book has stains on the inside from people who had that book before you and liked to eat and read.  I’m fond of the eat and read myself – I think I’ve stained the sheets more then my fair share of times with Milo milk while being here, but I’ve also stained a few books.  And while this would scare most people and make them want to read the page quickly and get away from the strange marks, it makes me want to hug those books.  When you know another person has enjoyed, or thrown a book across a room, it becomes a story within a story for you.  Okay, I won’t bore you with my fantasy world of book reading, BUT I have pictures of a painting done outside the library, that I kind of love because it’s artistic and rash and just…in an awkward little nook of the stairs.  (I think the librarian would think I’m even more of a book whore if I whipped my camera out in the middle of the library…just sayin’).

library paintings, my future is to own this library and have my two best friends paint murals around it.

These are my ...maybe...favorite Aussie birds, because they only travel in pairs. And they only travel one florescent green one with one putrid gray one. Humbling little fella's.

They’re always outside of the library, nibbling, so I thought I’d share them to.  I mean why not.  Meanwhile, THIS WEEKEND FINALLY:

On Thursday, I started the shopping extravaganza with Chris Loeve and probably bought more than my fair share of writing tools…aka notebooks, pens and erasers, and a cute pencil pouch, among other things.  I also luckily found everything possible for my nephews favorite show.  So, now he’s going to have a million Roary books and a Roary light-up car and probably anything else I find that is Roary because for some reason I love spoiling the crap out of that child.  (I also would like to squeeze him one good time when I get home….just like Jasper…).  Other then that I just worked, and it was really…unexciting.  I washed A LOT of dishes, but I did get to go into the mystical bookstore which is my favorite place in Gold Creek because she sells spoken word poetry books that come with cds to listen to on the computer and I have to say I love that.  I think I love it because I know it’s something I could never do because I can’t speak in front of people (que speech class senior year where I got an A only because Ms. Wedge really liked my boyfriend at that time, unfair advantage).  On Saturday though, I got off work early for the big Capital Bowl (which had a commentator for the first time  and the stadiums were filled for the showdown between Gladiators and Firebirds).  Clearly I cheer firebirds…for reasons that are obvious.  And guess who won 28/11 – THE FIREBIRDS.  So they got this massive trophy, drank a few beers, heard a few speeches and I got to watch one fabulous interception by Ocho, number 85. :)

Here’s a photo of the boys and their trophy:

The Firebirds and their trophy

Pure excitement, glad I wasn’t at Shooters that night for drinks when they all went out because not only is it a sausage fest but they’re pretty rowdy. Then today, I just worked, took the best nap of my life and stew in my own runny noseness.  Pretty solid weekend if I do say so myself.  Jono if you’re reading this, you better bring my mail soon or I’ll punch a small animal.



3 thoughts on “When I became a weather girl…(and everything else).

  1. bea mannes says:

    This is definitely my favorite blog. You had me laughing through most of it. It was so visual, I could even smell the musty book smell in the library. Great job!, and a “fiery uterus”,I was laughing hysterically, and Daddy just didn’t get it. I guess it’s a woman thing. Also, happy to know your uterus is paying attention. Please wipe the sweat from Chris’ brow after he reads that line!!
    Those pictures of the weather are unbelievable! They must be framed and put somewhere as a collection. I have never seen such beautiful sky pictures. It must be wonderful to see this in person, and I am so glad you have a good camera to catch those shots.
    Congrats again to Chris and team, but I definitely need more pictures of that last game.
    Again, great blog!

  2. Sarah Dion says:

    You KNOW I love those cloud photos! They are fantastic Cass, you are quite the amazing photographer, I must say. Love the photo of the Firebirds, its like the cutest yet manliest thing ever. So glad they won, and GO OCHO/PARTNA! Enjoy the rest of your time there love, and keep taking great photos :)

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