Jewelry, Bus Drivers & Signage; What's not to love

I’ve been thinking about this blog and all its possibilities for a while now….since ya know, I’ve been actually just living life, working at the tea place, eating lots of schnitzel and playing a bit of trivia (there was a question in Trivia this week, which me and Christina lost horribly at by the way, about what college Michael Jordan went to and although I despise the actual school it’s inevitably a question about North Carolina so YAY for that.  I got extra points for drawing the MC on the side of my paper, but when I drew his super hot girlfriend…no points for that even though she had amazing boobs).  There’s not many really exciting Australian things I can talk about right now, how depressing am I?.  But, I’ve come up with a few.  Thanks goodness right?

I know I posted a facebook status about this, but it still really excites me because we all know in America, signage really isn’t our number one priority.  There’s that awesome sign at the edge of Wilmington telling you how far California is, but other then that, I’ve been lost and misdirected every which way all over North Carolina because our lack of amazing signage.  There’s also that giant store of everything and nothingness at the same time, it’s a pity I can’t really remember the name of it now.  JR’s I think it’s called and all the signs talk about having fireworks, dolls, brassieres, even a collection of fine cigars from what I remember.  Now those signs are awesome, but in Canberra there’s a few signs that I’ve completely fallen in love with, and I think they get the message across much better.

First is “No seatbelt, No brains” and “No Brains” is in deep red on a white background.  So, they’re pretty much telling you to buckle up or die.  I love the bluntness of the whole thing.  Thanks government, when I’m floating around in the abyss of ghost land I’ll be sure to remember you told me so.  The other one is “Drink, Drive, DIE” and it’s just classy as well for that future spirit in me when I remember oh..maybe shouldn’t have had that fifth vodka straight, it’s amazing how much Australians can drink to begin with.  So, I love the signage – thanks Australia.

Other mysteries of the road, bus drivers.  I’ve had every bus driver under the sun I think.  Today when I got off the bus at work, the bus driver said “hey chick, next time bring your friends…”  Is it just me or was he totally hitting on me, plus my group of unusually hot, yet invisible friends.  One will never know.  He also told the Asian girl before me with her ticket to “chip up and flirt with an old bugger.”  What it takes to get a bus ticket these days, I’ll never know…

Then I’ve had the old angry man who is just grumpy and happens to look familiar to a seven dwarf.  He wears overalls, or a button-up shirt and gets angrier with each step you take towards the front to make his job easier.  Usually when I know there’s not a bus pole near me, I don’t walk further because I know he’ll stop short and fly me onto the windshield like a mushed bug.  I’m already clutsy, I really don’t need the help of a bus driver who clearly missed any side of the bed this morning.

Then there’s the boy who just broke out of juvie, has a mad skull tattoo to prove it and changes his ipod heavy metal while he drives.  Not only on straight roads, oh no, this kid…he lives on the edge – he changes it on round-a-bouts as well,which are everywhere in Australia (it’s a regular Hillsborough Street over here).

And then there’s just the nice middle aged man who always lets me ride as a student even though I have an NCSU ID and not an Australian University one.  He’s easily my favorite for saving me four dollars daily that I can spend later on these really cute Aussie pumps I saw in Civic. Ouuuu, they’re hot.

Unfortunately, this post might not be too appealing because graduate school applications are eating my soul.  So much so, one of the stories I’m submitting is about an old mans suicide.  I may have referenced one of the bus drivers above.  Oh muse of the bus driver union!

I did finish my 39th book (it was REALLY rather strange) and so… unsettling feelings there.  And I guess I can post more about work and about what a lazy butt I can be sometimes.  Like for instance, I slept until 11:30 today and then pretty much laid in bed and cuddled all day while it rained.  I mean that sounds pretty perfection to me, but when I have to have a full time job I guess laying in bed with full comforters and sweat pants all day isn’t really an option.  (Thus why I plan to write the next Great American Novel and therefore get paid to do the above).  If only I had a television with old school Nickelodeon, then maybe I’d be set for life.  (By old school I mean: Clarissa Explains it All, Hey Arnold, Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life, Keenan and Kel, Ren & Stimpy, and The Amanda Show preferably the bathroom scene because I love the girl who keeps repeating “I like eggs,” whatever happened to her?

The tea place pretty much took over my life for the last four days.  I learned how to make a complete cheese platter filled with bread and assorted olives and assorted cheeses, very savory.  I’ve learned how to make a Christmas tree out of any type of flavored syrup and probably the best milkshake I’ve ever had (butterscotch). And no one really trained me on any of this so when my boss went on a hissy feet on Sunday about not having prepared the whip cream appropriately I went off inside of my own head and progressed to do dishes for the last hour of my shift.  If you’ve ever worked with me in any capacity, you KNOW that I’m going to have to own my own business because I can’t stand managers or bosses or just ignorant people in general.

I guess that’s all of the work talk I can handle right now.  Tea drinking is a leisurely and relaxing activity and I will not allow one bad sticky date pudding whip cream incident to come in the way of that (or will I, well see Wednesday when I get formerly trained on how to shoot whip cream, aka my future job for the rest of my life…who needs graduate school really…DUMB).

UPDATE: I definitely had a great time at tonight’s training.  I got to make my own teashake – yum, strawberries and cream tea syrup in a milkshake, can’t get any better.  Then, I got to pretend I was in college again and take notes for my boss who was ridiculously funny in talking about us “giving a shit” about tea and customers.  He also decided it would be hilarious to invade everyone’s personal space at the table to prove to us not to lean over customers.  He has huge arms, side note.  His wife, Nat is my favorite boss and it was her birthday so we all got to blow horns and wear unicorn point hats (sparkles included).  And I’m beginning to be the best dish washer in town….so, now I definitely have goals in life.

I also started making necklaces this week.  I’ve been making funky, unsellable earrings for a while and so I decided to try my hand at making necklaces.  Everything I make is pretty much for myself, but I bought this inspirational, handmade Tibetan pendant while I was in Cairns that meant a sort of rebirth, a somewhat phoenix notion for my friend Jess and so I made her this really interesting, organic and earthy necklace with it.  I really love it and I believe she does too so that’s exciting.  I’m becoming more of a hippie kangaroo in Aussie because I’ve been wearing my Aladdin pants a lot and I’m making all the accessories I wear. (Not to mention, unfortunately for my father and mother, I have pierced my nose).  If you want to see some, and purchase them…I will love you forever, you know like…for real, not just what best friends say when they want to be blood brothers – this is the real love forever.  (And now I’m selling myself on my own blog so the bus driver probably wasn’t far off).

I’m no cleaner in Australia than I was in the US.  I’m still pretty lousy at doing dishes, my clothes are piled in a corner of the room, I take my shoes off wherever I please and progress to leave them there until I wear them again, I pick my hair, I leave jewelry everywhere and hair clips and medicine and I according to SOME PEOPLE I don’t know how to hang towels properly so they’ll dry, but I’m pretty sure he just rehangs them after me now instead of even discussing it (victory!)

Okay, so with all that randomness…I’m going to update about the Canberra Raiders soon, and the quotes we found on the dock near the lake behind our flat.  So, don’t be hindered from reading about my silly life just from this abso-boring-lutely blog.  Here’s a few photos of my jewelry.

Full first necklace! YAY!

Top half of the first necklace, it says "made with love" at the top

Bottom half of my first necklace with the cool Tibetan pendant

Shiny Chandy, I love wearing them out.

My fall leave earrings.

Bird nest earrings, love them. Totally organic.

It's spring, I felt like being festive. Wood and rocks on these :)

My "Going Steady Pin" necklace (2nd one eee)

Bottom of the necklace, with love dial and going steady pendant

Middle of the necklace, a few beads.

Amazing hook piece on my NC flag, YES. There's also a locket at the top if you missed that. YAY JEWELRY MAKING FOR A HOBBY!

One thought on “Jewelry, Bus Drivers & Signage; What's not to love

  1. bea mannes says:

    We enjoyed the blog with all of it’s variety of updates. Those bus drivers sound a bit strange though. As for your cleaning abilities, please learn how to properly hang a towel before you come home, put your shoes away, and place the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Organization is key to an uncluttered mind, which probably explains alot! Love and kisses, Mom and Daddy


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