House Parties and Homes

You’d be surprised that four years of college wasn’t enough drunken house parties for me, and I have once again attended another.  This one though, was in Australia and hosted by a wonderful friend of mine, Jono Mcgrath.  Now many people may believe the beer bong was created in the American University system, but after watching countless boys skull beer bongs last night over and over (and not with beer mind you, with punch: orange, lemonade, vodka, seltzer, and bad wine) I would rather believe they were invented by Australians, in the great desert abyss.

That being said, Australian house parties have better music (sorry Weezy, and T-Pain, your voice boxes, bad tattoos and jail time weren’t welcome here).  They have better drinking champions (spewing your guts everywhere only to return to the kitchen and take another whole beer bong).  They have cake (I never, I don’t think had any friends make a cake for a birthday house party in America.  I believe the alcohol substantially covered the present).  And this isn’t just ANY cake, it has m&ms, and jabberz (only an Australian candy, sorry silly Americans) and they have darts (maybe that was just this house).

On top of all of that, like the famous bear grills, a fire was started out back and two couches were put around it to give the bonfire, comfy experience all good fires should have (the only thing lacking was smores).  But they also served hotdogs and lamb (yes, you read that right lamb.  A distinguished meat in America was served at a simple birthday house party in Australia.  America, you’re starting to lag behind here….

The only thing we needed were the famous college jello shots which I regretfully didn’t make because vodka is outrageously more expensive in Australia.

But, that’s not the only thing I learned this week in Australia.  This week in Australia (que sentimentality) I realized how much at home I’m feeling here.  Obviously, there’s an obvious reason to this one, BUT there’s other reasons too.  And as I was searching through (my go to quote site) and looking for quotes for my dearest England abroad friend Abigail, I came across a little picture I’d like to share.

And I think the thing that makes you want to return to places is people that are there, amongst you rumbling.  So, setting aside the obvious (love), I want to give a mini-shout out to all the people that keep making me want to fall more in love with Australia.

Burrito girl with saint necklace: you always make my burrito THE BEST when I come into the closest thing Australia has to Mexican food.  Not to mention the times I try to figure you out while I sit there and try to eat the entire thing (australian goal) and let the white sauce seep out all over my finger trips.  You always have your hair in the cutest bun (too bad mines so curly) and I love all your Catholic nostalgia.  You’re awesome (even that wasn’t a craigslist pick-up advertisement, or missed connection….damn).

Frown face blonde Cole’s cashier: We always go through your line because your frown face is all this big facade.  You’re actually quite nice and you always ask me if I want to leave the chocolate out of the bag and I always say yes.  I especially liked you because you took my side when we bet on what the price was going to be even though I was over, and therefore out.  I think you deserve an applause from the entire cold cuts section of the supermarket.

All of you “good on yas” out there, yea, you’re right, it is good on me.

Christina L: You drive me all over God’s green earth just so I can make earrings, or try the tea, or go to dinner, or see a movie for a book I’ve read.   You’ve been nothing but supportive, friendly and wow, SO HELPFUL.  I’m so happy you live downstairs so that I have a partner in watching Farmer Wants a Wife and while I cook endless noodles you can chat to me about your family and the country.  Because, I sure do miss those North Carolina accents and you’re the closest thing I get.

Jono Muffin:  You’re reading this right now, and you’re the bestest friend.  Seriously, for all the things you do for CALK and I, I can’t thank you enough (especially picking us up when we missed the last bus AND letting me go home that night after I spewed up a whole schnitzel….ohhh that vodka and coke I made you get, WHY).

All the boys at Athlete’s foot: Could I laugh any harder at your pick up lines, drunken sayings, and loud mouths…no, no I could not.

All I have to say is, thank goodness I’m in Australia at this point in my life.  And thank goodness, I now have a second home to tramp around. Australia, I’m no longer homesick, you and your reefs, and your deserts, and your painted naked digeredoo (sp) playing men in the city have taken my heart.  For now, don’t break it. :)

Oh, and let’s end on a positively drunken note, here are a few pictures:


The Bromance.



The Drunk and Disorderly



The Vegemite



The Epic Battle



The Beer Bong(ing)


2 thoughts on “House Parties and Homes

  1. Sarah Dion says:

    I knew you’d come around :) It’s easy for us to believe that there are better places than America and other countries we can feel at home in. And I COMPLETELY amened almost everything you said!! the couches, the better music, hangin’ with the boys, the way aussies (and kiwis!) effortlessly skull a beer bong in .5 seconds, all incredible parts of the oceania cultural experience haha! SO glad you’re finally feeling at home there love! Makes me want to go back to NZ asap. Live the dream boo, live the dream.

  2. bea mannes says:

    I really enjoyed this blog, and am happy that you are settling in there in Australia. It only took, what, 2-3 months? Anyway, have a great time, and a wonderful life experience you will never forget.


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