The personality of a cat lady in my personal statement.

So, my time in Australia is short lived because I’ve been applying to graduate schools for the Fall of 2011.  SCARRRYYYYY.  I’m really hoping to get in on a first try, but since that rarely happens, I’m just applying every year until I get in somewhere, and all my applications are due on January 1st ish.  So, I’ve been getting them all together now, everything but the personal statement and the writing sample is submitted, even my lovely recommendation(ers) have been so kind as to submit all their stuff for me early (because if you didn’t know NCSU has the best BEST poetry professors. Seriously, the best, I love them).  And so, with all of this I’ve been pretty stressed and wanted to share with you guys my very unedited and very cookyish personal statement so far.  Right now I’ve only written out or tried to write out the one for UNCW (because it’s my first choice). Since you’ve been coming along for my journey through out the land of oz, here is a little something to spice you up on how I present myself in interviews, the one word I can sum is; awkard.


Consider this an infomercial, where I plan to sell myself, and everything I own (including my cat, because the first thing you should know is I’m a twenty-two-year-old cat lady) to you.  When I was nine, I told my now seventy-three year old father, who has officially rooted himself into the side of our couch via retirement, that at the high sales of my first book, I would purchase him the Lexus of his dreams.  It’s safe to say my dream started early.  After reading through the epic, and painstaking journals of Sylvia Plath in high school (basically eating them in any spare moment, or hiding-knees tucked into my bed shirt-under my desk) I knew I wanted to write poems, fiction and journals.

Journaling has been a big impact on my writing because of its ability to record one person’s historical narrative for re-read at any point.  It’s like taking a photograph with a digital camera and reliving the memory moments later, with “ouus” and “ahhhs.” Like Larry David (comedian/Seinfeld creator) I’ve carried around a miniature journal everywhere I go to record my thoughts, smells on buses, suburb lights in the Canberra mountains during football games, the way a man’s beard whiskers from his face etc.  I tend to write stories and poetry about these things after I’ve had days, weeks, and months to percolate on them.  My past is often the center of my poetry as well with old flames, my dead grandmother, and growing up Catholic as major themes.  I’m not afraid to completely create new history either.  I think my addiction to history, biographies, and women’s studies will have a big impact on my writing goals as well.

I struggled as a teenager (due to my “sitting inside my own head,” I like to call it my “Emily Dickinson moments”) and so I have strong goals of producing fiction and poetry relatable to young adults.  I still have a strong connection to the naive nine year old in me who thought every dolphin, and love poem I wrote was magic.  At the same time, a lot of my writing dives into deeply feminine topics; abortion, virginity (and the loss of it), relationships, roles of womanhood and what it is to be feminine without being “chick lit.”

My goals are to produce poetry for the common person.  Poetry that reaches beyond norm societal ideas that poetry is not understandable and poets are an elite society amongst themselves.  I would like to make just one person cry from a piece of my work, maybe raise my grandmother from the dead (kidding).

It would be naive of me to say I plan to publish straight out of school, but I will try my damn near hardest.  By the end of this writing journey, I’d at least like to buy my dad a new Ford and keep the promise of a gleaming car.

So, that’s me.  Confusing and unedited with terrible grammar.   Let me know what you think, or don’t.  Have a good night!

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