I don't really know how to lead into this…

As many of you already know, I’m not engaged, nor will I be until I’m like 47 because I have a very logical and reasonable situation on my hands (which is good, because I’m in dreamland and inside my own head with faeries and unicorns most of the day so my logical and reasonable love is perfect).  HOWEVER, all of that aside, I’ve been planning my wedding for about three years now.  (Yes, I’m a crazy, and yes that makes the date 2007 and everyone knows what that means, smiles).

Oh, and yes, I’m a complete neurotic.

Aside from having globes as the centerpieces on the tables (calling this now), I have this ridiculous obsession with the thousand origami cranes.  I’ve been researching them a lot, partly because Jonathan’s facebook is forever talking about his origami making and this is an art I’m not particularly good at….aka I can’t do it at all…no, really I’ve watched like 238,947 youtube videos on how to make an origami crane after I bought really rad paper and everything and still..nothing.  It’s not my forte in the art world.  (I’m also obsessed with those miniature origami elephants, bah).  Also, just as a side note, when I was in before school care, in Florida, before I moved to North Carolina when I was 5.75 years of age, I had an old lady caretaker who taught me how to make ridiculous things in origami, she was awesome.  I think, though, that she may have put a curse, (or maybe even had a mini-voodoo doll of me) on me just so that I would only ever make origami with her.  Just…thinkin’ out loud.

Well, onto the thousand origami cranes…the ancient Japanese legend is that whoever folds 1,000 origami cranes will get one wish granted by a crane, any wish they want.  As a wedding gift, origami cranes are given to wish 1,000 years of happiness on the couple being married.  So, in all efforts to get my wish (if you know me, you know I take wishes VERY seriously.  11:11, holding my breath at cemetery’s, kissing the roof at yellow stoplights, blowing out the birthday candles, rubbing all the lamps etc) so I want this wish, on my wedding.  But, maybe equal to the wish I want 1,000 paper cranes hanging everywhere around the place I want to have it (ahem YMCA CH ahem).

Now, if this isn’t already creepy enough.  Just know, that in America every girl, pretty much, and the one who doesn’t is most likely lying, dreams about her wedding from the time she’s 5 and has twirled around once or twice in a poofy dress.  It’s the poofy dress that’s gets us going.  I do believe I could be a cat lady and be happy, but who says cat ladies have to live alone eh?

PS. the couple I want to photograph my wedding took this.

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