I thought everyone wanted to know all the currently’s of my life, since I can be vain & selfish here (there, and everywhere).

Currently, I am severely hoping women comment on my skirtblog (poem about Boy’s of Summer) so I can get it in top notch form for graduate school.  I probably should have shared one of my better and more shocking poems so that people actually thought I could write before reading my sad, attempt at a love poem, BUT this is life.  Feel free to comment from here:


(this is how desperate I am for a workshop).

I’m also currently reading the book, Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden because I’m trying to read Australian novels, while being in Australia.  It’s turning out pretty good, so far.  It’s a young adult novel from what I’ve gathered so far (Jono read it at 13 even though it’s already mentioned teenage orgies twice) and so I’m expecting a lot from it.  Apparently, the main character doesn’t lose her virginity until book two though, so I have to wait for any 4th book Twilight action, until then.  I think I can do it.

Currently, I’m obsessed with the song and video, “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, shown here:

and the Taylor Swift song and video for “Mine” which I won’t show because it takes too much time to find on youtube, and I’m currently on lazy.

I did find this lovely song searching for it for a hot second though, which I know also love:

Currently, I’m obsessed with pancakes that have ice cream on top of them.  Holly (my UNCG, Canberra Australia friend) and I went on a date to the Pancake Parlor and for $15 we got a small stack with a movie ticket (movie tickets in Australia are about $10 so we got a really good deal).  Here are a few pictures from that experience, and it WAS an experience.

Reading the ever-large Pancake Parlor menu

Pancakes with Ice Cream and Whip Cream on Top, yummm

Australia may not have Mexican food, but they have the BEST pancakes

After that, last night I went to my first Rugby League game and it was pretty stellar.  I haven’t actually put the pictures on my computer because I’ve been watching Entourage (the male version of Sex&The City) all day, but I will soon.

Lastly, I’ve been writing a bunch of stuff for graduate school (mostly about my dead grandmother) but other things also.  It’s pretty stellar.  I’m going to sneak into lectures this coming week for short fiction and young adult novels in Canberra and see if I can’t pretty much audit a class and not get caught.  Eeeeee! wish me luck on that one.  It’s a one-hundred ish people lecture so I should be able to get in, and I get to buy a new notebook for it.  Woo woooooo! Everyone knows how I feel about my writing supplies (if not, I feel pretty crucial about it).

I promise the next post will be about something REALLY Australian, like the election that’s still hung, the accent, the book I’m reading or downtown Canberra where I’m going tomorrow!

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