Poetry Challenge

Since, I’m pretty open on this thing, I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m about to get my period and I’m an absolute wreck, I’ve been crying to Taylor Swift songs on and off all day.  So, just bare with me on this one.  I’ve been writing, editing and painstakingly undo-ing, deleting and throwing poems for …. about a week now.  I’ve been carrying around my little Larry David notebook ever since I went to Florida in March and I’ve been writing everything down that may fit in a poem.  And today, I’ve been crying over those poems too.  I suppose if you’re crying over a poem, it should be a pretty good poem right? Or it’s absolutely terrible, but I’m  here hoping it’s good.

That being said, if anyone out there reads this and they feel like being poetic for an afternoon.  Here’s a challenge:

Use these words in a poem (because they suck and they’re poemless):

oblivion, beautiful, good (don’t even try to use it as a southern twang “good woman” type deal because that doesn’t count), infinity, cache, unknown, rarefied, evade, pleater, any reference to the sea as blue, calming, or raging (my bonnie lies over the ocean covered all the love that goes to the sea too, so none of that), perplexed, fastidious, “ice blue,” “blue-green,” or any cliche using blue eyes, reminiscences, vanquishes.  Good luck.

I’ll write again when I’m over this week and no longer crying like a freakin’ European wish fountain.

One thought on “Poetry Challenge

  1. bea mannes says:

    Stop that crying, go wash your face, and get on with that poetry writing. We know that you will write something good. Take some Excedrin and keep moving. The list of words are good, and I hope you and all get some nice poems out of it.


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