Zambrero’s, Sombrero’s – can’t get more mexican than that!

This was going to be about the female Prime Minister (who will probably only be Prime Minister until Saturday because it’s looking like she will lose the election and for once, not because she’s a female) but, I had the most amazing burrito today and so I decided to blog about the food I’ve had so far, (sorry, redheaded female running for an actual head of office position, but this burrito was just so yummy.  This definitely hurts my feminism a little bit, but you’re getting the shaft for food.  At least food is a life necessity).

As many of you know, I’m sort of a Mexican food connoisseur as in, I’m down to eat Mexican food, at any time, at any place and genuinely make a solid critique of the food. For instance, the best burrito’s are at Black Cat in Boone (closely followed by Canberra, AUS) and the best Mexican food for price is at El Rodeo, Hillsborough Street (plus the guys sing while they work).  I recommend a large combo with beans and cheesy rice-you have to ask for cheese in your rice, it’s unbelievable, thank you Abby Scoffield, and then a cheese enchilada, hard taco beef and a chicken quesadilla.  This combination of fine Mexican flavors, plus the salsa they give you in the beginning is almost too much for one mouth to handle.  Plus, your mouth will taste like that for at least one sleep if you don’t have some sort of amazing desert afterward (I prefer Baskin’ Robbins Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream, but that’s just me).

However, that all being said, I’m just able to sniff out a Mexican place no matter where I am.  So, the farthest country from Mexico, has this wonderful “Fresh Mex Grill” called Zambrero’s.  It’s kind of like a Moe’s but more fresh, less south western and the food and sauces have that tinge of Mexican that my mouth has been begging for since it left North Carolina.  By goly, I can’t even explain how good it is, I have to whip out the corny phrases.  I just, can’t get enough of this place now.

not the best picture of Zambrero's, but you get the picture. (haha)

and just in case you wanted more delectable information (like calorie count, I know you’re out there, Little Debbie eaters who calorie count), here’s the website: (it lets you play drums on the main page by moving the mouse, so you might as well have a fun time while you figure out if your body is able to handle the zest of fine, fresh Mexicanaaaaaa).  I really should have taken picture of my burrito (mmmmmm….still thinking about it makes my mouth excited).  But here’s what I ordered, I had a burrito, with chicken, tomato salsa, and white sauce (which I think is the secret ingredient to it’s greatness).  The rest, I just added lettuce, sour cream and cheese.  DELISH!

It doesn’t really rival (but another favorite) is Lighty’s (or just labor clubs) chicken schnitzel.  I know in America, we really don’t have this as a choice of dish on any menu, but it’s awesome, so we should.  My personal favorite was at Lighty’s the first week I was here, but that’s because I haven’t gone back to the other Labor Club just yet.  Here’s a picture of the little scene you’ll get at Lighty’s with your schnitzel.

Lighty's pub and schnitzel wonders

The mushroom sauce is the best part, but there's more choices.

This place also has ridiculous trivia on Tuesday's, that I'm terrible at (but I have a college degree so WHO CARES!)

And an eat off which I felt was necessary to include in a food critique blog.

As most of you also know, I’m a pretty picky eater, and the first time I came to Australia, the Thai and Asian food places were a bit overwhelming because I just don’t eat that.  I’m always really scared it’s going to be cat or something and Jasper is going to know from America (I know, I know, irrational fear).  But, it’s true that they serve dog because it was a Trivia question at the Lighty this Tuesday, thank goodness it was answered only after I was done with my schnitzel and fries.  Good thing for me, Canberra has kind of turned around my tasteless view of Australia, and made my mouth want more!

I didn’t want to leave out one last good meal I’ve had while I was here (maybe two).  Last week, Jono cooked and he made this really yummy pesto chicken, noodle dish.  It was delicious. And he bought all the ingredients fresh himself (while also not wearing shoes to the supermarket because he prefers to have “free feet.” I feel like this is a side point that everyone reading should know about my grocery store experiences with Jono McGrath.  So, I have to say that meal ranks highly and I definitely trust Jono with the cooking.

And then, I, who can not cook and as you can see prefers to eat out, got really sick this last week because Australia has it’s foreign colds that only infect Americans because our antibodies are helpless against them (damn, foreign virus) and so I made my mom’s famous curing chicken noodle soup.  Unfortunately, only hers is curing, but I did try to at least make it semi-magical.  I cut up celery, and cut up carrots (had help with the chicken from someone amazing because I gag when I cut chicken, and most likely any thawed, uncooked meat, but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried to cook any other meat) and threw it into a cauldron (really just the only pot I could find, but my mom uses a cauldron like she’s feeding an army) and I made soup! And then I progressed to take pictures to prove to my mother, I’m not useless in the home arena, I just choose to completely step out of the 1950’s and make myself into career woman, with much less talent in the kitchen.

HOMEMADE (momma's) chicken noodle soup

Me, obviously in all my glory (and matching speed walker sweats) making the soup!

And that short and sweet little blog, my friends, is how I became a food critic. The end!


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