CHEERS! (a short list of AUSTRALIAN words I like).

I haven’t written about Australia in a little while and isn’t that the whole point of this thing.  This blog was going to be about a poetry challenge.  I was planning on taking all the horrible words I find as an editor and compiling a list of “untouchables” and asking you guys to use them WELL in a poem.  But I’ll save that because this should be an Australian update.  And who DOESN’T want more Kangaroo’s eh?

INSTEAD, since I had my first day of work today, I decided to write about Australian slang, with isn’t quite like American slang (as many of you know from the famous and infamous “CRICKEY,” spoken by the late, great Steve Irwin).  As a side note to Steve Irwin (because we all know he deserves a side note for one-handedly wrestling a Croc, multiple times)… I was stung by a stingray last summer, and I still have a scar.  AND if I had been Australian, OR watched more Steve Irwin, I would know already that you’re supposed to stingray shuffle through the ocean (especially in the early morning, when your entire family is dragged to the ocean by your mother because she’s worried your two-year-old nephew will get sun burnt later in the day…oh, that’s just me….right).  Well early in the morning is EFFIN’ FEEDING TIME. So learn the stingray shuffle if you’re smart.  Watch some Irwin home movies and get your popcorn on.


Cheers: Thank you, See ya, catch-ya-later, peace out, (when used in a letter or an e-mail form, kind regards).

Rooting: Doin’ it, gettin’  busy, having sexual intercourse (for all you fogies out there).  Used in a sentence: I rooted (past tense) this hot chick last night who had cans the size of black currents.  Also available for this: smashed.

Joyce (coined by Jono McGrath): a woman or human of the female species.

Wanker(a): a douchebag, or someone you don’t like.  This word is also popular in England, and has nothing to do with masturbating.

How you going:  A delectable and very ungrammatical blend of How’s it going, How are you and What’s up.

Arvo: Afternoon, simple and shortened for all you LOL lovers out there.

Chicken Schnitzel (Schnitty’s): A yummy dish, with chicken covered in bread crumbs.  It’s been served to me only at Labor Clubs so far (8$ salad, chips (fries) and Schnitzel, amazing.  Plus, you can gamble with whatever else you brought and get mushroom sauce on top. YUM!).

Thongs: NO, these are not in the crease of your ass, but inbetween your stout, little toesies.

Heaps: My favorite word so far which basically means “a lot.”  Used in a sentence, “That was heaps good, mate.”

Reckon‘: This isn’t like deep south redneck “reckin,” it’s a common everyday used word in Australia for “I’d think so.”

Trents (Jono McGrath): Male Asians (why…I don’t know)

Irenes (Jono McGrath): Female Asians.

Plenty of Rabbit: I don’t know how to explain this without actually giving a full explanation.  Plenty of Rabbit is someone who, lets say cheated on their girlfriend, then in the big book of rabbits, they’d be page one.  Definitely isn’t a good thing, and I definitely know one or two people who have plenty of rabbit.

Here’s some more:

And there’s your Australian for the day.  If you haven’t been keeping updated on my blog, the Roo blog is four posts below this one, since I know everyone prefers picture books.

And this is my future child,

The end.

3 thoughts on “CHEERS! (a short list of AUSTRALIAN words I like).

  1. bea mannes says:

    I enjoyed this blog, and especially that kid at the end. Wow!!, that kid has some memory. That poem was beautiful, and even more so because of that little boy. Adorable! Also, the young man on the “How to be Australian”, also very funny.
    Thanks so much for the update on the slang. If I can remember it all, I might understand what Daniel is saying the next time I see him.

  2. Jono says:

    Haha, I was pissing myself laughing when I read this Cass. Imagine if there was a big book of rabbits? It’d be huge.

    Also, I think a man called Darryl Wokington gets top credits for Joycie, Irene and Trent. I’ll tell you that one time on the drink.

  3. Sarah Dion says:

    bahaha loved this. All those are the same words kiwis use, only they say jandals instead of thongs and getting on the piss for getting drunk. I love it. I love it all. And I LOVE that little boy who is obviously your child that you were unaware of somehow. I just love it all.


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