Songs like Mom hugs

As it gets closer to me leaving for Australia, I freak out a little more daily about being away from my friends and family and being in a place where I know pretty much only one family.  It’s going to definitely be shocking, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  But, I was thinking about all the songs I listen to, to make me de-stress (instead of eating a pint of ice cream or thinking about other periods of loneliness in my life.  So, this is a mix-tape of soft hummings that give me the tingles, or a quick air hug (high-fives work too) that I might need at that point.

It’s in completely random order;

  1. Mandy Moore-Have a Little Faith in Me (This song has been re-done so many times over, and by so many people but I just love the Mandy Moore version.  She sings all of her songs, ahem “Only Hope,” with so much feeling, and she sounds a bit like a teenage girl going through some giant heartbreaking, but also enlightening moment. And that brings me back to my “Candy” and “Crush” days and I immediately start reminiscing and laughing at my short, straight-haired 7th grade bob and high school freckled-face boy crushes).
  2. Adele-Chasing Pavements (This video is ridiculous and outstanding and rocks my world every time I watch it, which I do frequently. I just love her voice, and she’s discovering love and if it’s worth it and if she should keep chasing the love or her dreams or anything.  It’s that torn woman vibe that I love. It’s the connection of women all over the world that could be feeling the same way under their dim reading lamps.  It’s a connection that feels like a hand to hold, and that’s important to my sappy or sad self).
  3. Vanessa Carlton-White Houses (“And I put myself in his hands, but I hold onto secrets in white houses,” sorry to those with innocent ears, but this is about virginity.  And it’s another womanly connection we all share at some point, unless we’re a nun or .. something? Plus Vanessa Carlton just came out as a bisexual (he was her first mistake in the song) and that makes me even more proud to love her music).
  4. The Judds-Grandpa (Tell me bout the good ol’ days) (If you know me, you know I had only one grandmother who I actually remember and met.  And when I was 11, she had a stroke and wasn’t able to communicate with others as well.  So, needless to say, I’m obsessed with grandparents, especially the history of my own.  This song reminds me of family, and staying together.  This song makes love real for me and who couldn’t want that)?
  5. Michael Buble-Everything (Obviously, every thing this man touches is gold. I danced in the NCSU stacks to this song one day on repeat for at least an hour between classes.  It’s just the perfect little love diddy.  And it would make any woman feel wonderful.  And for that, I am in debt to the lovely piece of man meat that is Michael B.)
  6. Dispatch-Two Coins (Favorite song of all time, nothing more needs to be said).
  7. Rascal Flatts-I Feel Bad (This song practically talks you out of feeling bad for yourself.  You’re allowed to be tired and numb, and not feel bad about all this shit in your life.  You’re allowed to say “screw this” and watch your favorite movie and ignore the problems.  You’re allowed to react however you want (legally speaking) and not feel bad about it later, even if it is eating a ton of chocolate.  So, go on with your bad self.
  8. Glee/Wicked-Defying Gravity (How can you not lift yourself up and be inspired after this song? Come on, be honest with yourself, you want to fly after you hear this and jump off roof tops and try to produce wings that you know are buried beneath the skin and muscle of your back. If you can walk away from this song without wanting to completely change the world and throw it off it’s rocker, clearly you have no soul).
  9. Anna Nalick-Breathe (This is my go-to song.  All occasions, all problems, all excitement, all nervousness, everything, this is my jam.  I highly recommend it to humble you if you’re having a moment where you may need that. You, cocky people, you).
  10. James Morrison-The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore (Just have yourself a good cry and watch your favorite movie. Write it all down, tear the page out, throw it away & accept the loss. Good riddance to all that shit).
  11. Paolo Nutini-New Shoes (Go buy yourself some! Put them on in the store without socks and quick step all the way home.  Feel free to tap your feet, sing along in the car, bob your head, snap and shimmy. Get free!)
  12. Colbie Caillait-Midnight Bottle (alcohol is never the answer, however, grab that midnight bottle and write a poem).

I hope maybe this list (sorry it’s mostly women, I connect better with them at my most depressed states) will help people overcome all that trivial nonsense that life dishes out sometimes.  Don’t do anything drastic. Dance around your abode and cry a little.  Then…my favorite advice from an Urban Outfitters journal, accept the loss.

One thought on “Songs like Mom hugs

  1. bea says:

    I enjoyed the “reasons why” for each song, and plan on listening to all of them at some point. Great self help blog. Music is so inspirational and meditative.


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