“My Name is Memory”


I read this entire book. 322 pages. A love story where the people have met in other lives they’ve had, but only get a total of 30 pages at the end of the book where they begin a shoot out with an evil soul, then almost drown, then have to leave each other with the last page being a letter from him to her, not explaining anything at all. It’s the worst ending of a book, and I’m thoroughly disappointed. You write The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a wonderful young-adult novel and then you put out this crap. Did you run out of space on the page and decide to have a shoot-out at the end of a love story where the clear ending is that they should be together. (And trust me, there are books, take for instance “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks that I don’t believe the people should be together and I quite liked the ending), but this ending was SO clear. COME ON Ann, what happened? I deserve an explanation.

Update: I just googled interviews with Ann and she said that this is a three-part series.  So, maybe, the ending wasn’t as terrible as I thought.  But, it was still pretty bad.   They better have a lot more love & sex in the next one is all I’m sayin’.


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