"This is my Family, this is where I come from…"

Today, I found where my creative gene came from and it was a whopping big surprise.  My Aunt Nancy (my dad’s sister) has the most immaculate (almost a museum) house that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She had hand painted murals on the wall, hand painted doors, picked out (at flea markets, art festivals and antique malls) precious and wonderful antiques.  I decided to collage a few of the pieces of this house (my pictures don’ do it justice) and just let people see how amazing this woman is.  She also handmade all the stained glass through out the house.  BUT, the BEST part is that she has benign essential tremor which makes her hands and inner body shake (sometimes it’s the head, or the hands – my dad’s hands have it – or inside the body).  It runs in the genes of families, my grandmother also has it.  And they knew Nancy had it when she would rock back and forth as a child.  So, not only can the woman paint these fantastic murals, but she has to do it while her handshakes, and therefore makes her paintings and art work even more valuable.  She’s amazingly fascinating. Here are a few pictures of her house….

A mural she painted with a woman's head full of leaves, a vanity she found, a vase with a face and lamp attached, and my grandmother's old yellow chair.

Her very own stained glass, an antique chest, her own painted doors, a chandelier

Her mural in the dining room, and the family room

Little people in Nancy's hallway window

The mail man came and asked her "what are you doing?" and my Aunt Nancy replies "I have no idea, making it pretty."

I’m blessed to have met most of my family on both sides this past week and it has been pretty enlightening.  I say if you take my cousin Sue Anne and my Aunt Nancy and blend them into one fascinating, sporty, artsy, womanly human-being, that human-being would be me.  I now finally know where I come from and that’s an important thing for anyone to know (can’t imagine what being adopted must feel like).  If you haven’t gone out and seen your family in a while, you should. They miss you and I bet when you get there, you’ll realize you miss them too.


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