A Wishbone of a Book

Like Austin, Texas, I picked up Amber Spark’s story collection The Unfinished World thinking Let’s get weird. Full disclosure, I actually clicked that wishbone toggle on NetGalley and Norton granted my wishes.  Thank you, fairy [odd] grandfather, W.W.  The wishbone toggle is kind of a fitting romance for this book of stories, which I didn’t… More A Wishbone of a Book

We’re going to call this one, “A Big F You.”

Recently, I got an email to be a part of a new reviewing website that promoted themselves as being “similar to Netgalley.”  Now, there’s a reason reviewers love Netgalley.  It’s a database of up and coming books from major publishing houses, to small publishers, to self-published authors.  It’s honestly, a beautiful thing for a reviewer… More We’re going to call this one, “A Big F You.”