August TBR

I thought maybe if I shared my complete August TBR, I’d actually get around to reading each one. I am going to push myself to reach my Goodreads goal (even though I believe less and less in the Goodreads reading challenge each year – that is for a whole other blog though). Really, can a… More August TBR

Newsday Tuesday

  Favorite Tweets:   Favorite Search Terms: scary old man aladdin: SOMEONE ELSE WAS SCARED OF HIM TOO. bitchy ecards: I see you trying to be passive aggressive jealousy quotes for lesbians on instagram: This is SO specific. fahrenheit 451 worksheet imagery: You need to get your teacher game up. Just sayin’. roald dahl unpublished… More Newsday Tuesday

You’re my boo (radley): Thoughts on Go Set a Watchman.

Based on initial excitement levels, I was off the richter scale.  I got an all caps text from my best friend aying, “HARPER LEE IS GOING ROUND TWO” and I ran to the other classrooms in order to tell everyone that Scout would be grown soon and we should have a teacher book club.  Forget about… More You’re my boo (radley): Thoughts on Go Set a Watchman.

YOLO: “You Oughta Look Out”

“…the idea of dragging souls across the landscape like cans of string” (309). When my newspaper students set out to choose the top news stories of 2014 this week (as an assignment on newsworthiness and the eight factors involved) most every single pair chose the “Ebola Outbreak” as a top news story.  Without sounding painfully unsentimental, ebola has… More YOLO: “You Oughta Look Out”