Dot to Dot [An Illustrated Poem by Sarah Kay]

Sarah Kay is her own genre. She has managed and created her own label and makes it practically impossible for anyone to now synonymously associate slam poetry and protest poetry.  In most Youtube slam sensations, a person creates a swell and soft tide of screaming, then whispering, both to keep the audience on their toes… More Dot to Dot [An Illustrated Poem by Sarah Kay]

Weekly Literary Find

I don’t know about you, but I shop on Etsy ALL. THE. TIME.  I definitely can’t afford to ship myself furniture, but I love getting little keepsakes, trinkets, and especially journals on Etsy from artisans that have put hard work, independence, and usually recycled love into their creations.  I’ve always been an antique shopper.  I… More Weekly Literary Find

August TBR

I thought maybe if I shared my complete August TBR, I’d actually get around to reading each one. I am going to push myself to reach my Goodreads goal (even though I believe less and less in the Goodreads reading challenge each year – that is for a whole other blog though). Really, can a… More August TBR

Newsday Tuesday

  Favorite Tweets:   Favorite Search Terms: scary old man aladdin: SOMEONE ELSE WAS SCARED OF HIM TOO. bitchy ecards: I see you trying to be passive aggressive jealousy quotes for lesbians on instagram: This is SO specific. fahrenheit 451 worksheet imagery: You need to get your teacher game up. Just sayin’. roald dahl unpublished… More Newsday Tuesday