Newsday Tuesday:

I’ve found so many things I love for this weeks addition of book news.  In fact, this may be my favorite book news…ever.  Even though there’s only been like eight weeks of Newsday Tuesday.

Mine is perfection.

  • Let me preface this by saying, yes, I follow MuggleNet.  And it seems that Harry Potter helps college students study classic literature.  It certainly didn’t help me with Jane Austen, but maybe others are experiencing euphoria from classic literature.  Personally, I took a whole class (one whole semester) on Chaucer where my teacher spoke Old English (it is another language) and I only realized how dirty he was by the time Wife of Bath came around.  I’m clueless.
  • I found the holy grail of articles for tumblr.  This is a Guide to Literary Tumblrs.  I plan to spend entire days perusing this. The best part: NIKKI GEMMEL HAS A NEW BOOK.  SHE’S ONLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS EVER IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE, EVEN PRE-DINOSAUR, HOLY BALLS.


The sad thing is...I remember dancing to this on the bar at City Limits Teen Night. "Dontcha"

Cracks me up, and my grammar isn't even on par.

And that’s it folks; read, read, read.

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