Newsday Tuesday

I need to start by tooting my own horn.  I’m doing the project Month of Letters for the month of March and I still have spaces on my dance card as SiftingTheGrain (T) so eloquently said.  If you would like to participate and receive a handmade letter, send me your address via email at: clmannesATgmailDOTcom.… More Newsday Tuesday

Project 365 | Week 8

This week has been hectic, and filled with lots of firsts.  I’ve given up something I seriously crave for Lent (eating out, in all it’s forms even for the one dollar McDonald’s coffee).  I’ve ridden the top deck of a double decker bus.  I also took photos of my cat in the bathtub because he… More Project 365 | Week 8

Newsday Tuesday

I’m exhausted.  I have to run (literally) up to the Church tomorrow morning at 630 am in order to squeeze in Ash Wednesday mass so this may be a short one. Everyone’s been all over this on the blogosphere.  It’s the 100 Story House shaped like a Brooklyn Brownstone for Brooklyn.  I’m not  quite sure… More Newsday Tuesday

Project 365 | Week 7

And we’re back.  I was too busy slurping a cookout milkshake and watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 with Christine and her dog, Dobby (Yes, Harry Potter) to post my photos.  Also, it snowed yesterday and I spent the evening fantasizing about the wing spans of snow angels. Here are the photos: My mom needs her… More Project 365 | Week 7

Smudges | Housekeeping

I’m that girl scribbling in the margin of your Pulitzer winning poetry book.  Bubble-lettering “ME!” in the top left corner of page three.  Cracking the spine.  Nuzzling the cover.  Taking picture of my eyes and half my nose peeking over that accordion of top pages that you get when you open a book right down… More Smudges | Housekeeping

Newsday Tuesday

I know we’re all focused on the music this week with the Grammy’s and the “coming out” of Roman.  If you really want to see what I thought of that please watch Jenna Marbles interpretation of Nicki Minaj.  But, it’s time to get back to the good stuff: books.  Ah, the dusty smells of closets,… More Newsday Tuesday